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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Abram's first photo session with Mommy

As soon as I found out I was pregnant again, I was so excited to think about the baby's newborn photos! When Barrett was born in 2008, I wasn't doing photography yet. I bought a few new props and had some hats made just for Abe. Then he came, and I lost all motivation to get out my big camera...I just wanted to cuddle him all the time. Finally at eight days old, we did his first shoot!

Then again at 14 days old, I did some with both Barrett and Abram....
Barrett did so good for me, and was so sweet to his brother. 
I LOVE these images, and hope to get a set of canvases for our bedroom walls!

Abe's first visitors

More pictures from Abe's first days and all the visitors he had at the hospital

Daddy and the first diaper change!

First family pic...
Holy swollen mommy! 

Abe's first professional photo from the hospital photographer...
What a handsome boy in his tie :)

Gigi helped Barrett make these treats to take to school on Tuesday!
He was so excited to announce his baby brother was here!

Ready to go home on Wednesday morning, as a huge Winter storm was rolling in!
Abe wore the same outfit and hat home that Barrett did, five years earlier.

Wish I would have looked back at the pics of Barrett. I would have taken the same brown blanket, and taken off Abe's hat, so I could have had a better comparison pic :)

Barrett on left, Abe on right (Abe wasn't too excited about the carseat)

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