Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project 365| January 23rd-31st


 One of our most favorite evening activities....dinner at College Hill Coffee. 
This night we sat by the fire, Barrett ate Broccoli soup, and we played 'Go Fish.'

I was invited to exhibit my photography there in February and March, so we were
checking the display hardware :)


He may be FOUR now...but he's still my baby boy.
I don't mind when he falls asleep in my arms on the couch. I usually wait a little while to carry him up to bed.
You know, just for a few extra minutes of snuggling and kisses. Man, he's sweet!


Got out of the shower to find this view from my bedroom door...
My little man playing with Mr. Potato Head
Love that all our bedrooms are upstairs together and close. 
Love all the natural light in Barrett's room (and the whole house).
Love decorating his "birthday" door with signs and balloons, just like my mom did for us every year when we were growing up.


My little man's first trip to the dentist!
I won't lie...I was nervous about how he would do.  If he would be clung to my leg, even sit in the chair, scream bloody murder. Boy, was I wrong!! He was a rockstar patient!!

We took Tiny Monkey, but he didn't even want to hold him...he tossed him to me!
He opened wide, and didn't shed a single tear. He looked so grown-up. 
I almost shed a tear just because he didn't need me. Not to sit close or hold his hand.

He got to watch cartoons, so that helped!!
In the car on the way home, he told me "that was FUN."


I opened the pantry to make lunch, and found this!
The pantry drawer was a parking garage :)


Helping Papa put a new window in the RV.
Justin and I went to Wichita for the day (antique shopping, house stuff shopping, Abuelo's and to the new casino), 
so Barrett stayed to help Papa work. He loves the RV, and loves to take his bag of tools to help "work" on things. 


Barrett's first trip to Walmart to spend his OWN money.
He's been saving up money in his wallet (duct-tape wallet made by his cousin Emily). 
He picked out a new car, and gave the cashier his money. 


Beautiful afternoon! I painted furniture in the garage, and B played and played!!
This was taking a break. He told me he was going to sit down because he "really missed his daddy."

Two weekends ago, we cleaned out the garage. Made a huge garage sale pile (I am SO ready for garage sale season), and cleared out my side, so I can park in there finally. *You can see my Craigslist find from Sunday night! Two matching nightstands for our bedroom for $25! I was so excited!!
They were in Winfield, and match our bed and fireplace wood perfectly! Score!


Snapped this from the front door after I got home from taking B to school.
The sunrise and clouds were beautiful! Another gorgeous day!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vroom, vroom....Race Car Birthday

Barrett's BIG Birthday week is over!
He had a playdate party with friends on Monday, took treats to school to celebrate on Tuesday, opened gifts and went to dinner with Mommy and Daddy on Wednesday (his actual birthday), and had a family party on Saturday!

To say he's sad his Birthday week is over would be an understatement.

His favorite thing to do is play with cars, so this year's theme was a no-brainer!
Planning this year's party was the most fun yet. Barrett is at a great age to help!
AND he was such a great helper...really!

{party invite}
designed in photoshop with images purchased from vectorstock.com
orange patterned designs-digital paper pack from Sassy Designs

{welcome guests}
we made a race track on the sidewalk up to the front door.
Barrett had a blast helping with this!!

We put our own labels on bottles of orange Hawaiian Punch (lemon berry flavor)
*Happy to share the digital file for printing the labels at home, just email me

{party favors}
CARS, of course!!
THANK YOU! I am "wheelie" glad you came to my party!

little plastic "paint can" jars from Paper Mart
Cars & Ribbon-Walmart

coloring books
*Happy to share the digital file for printing color book cover at home, just email me

{fabric light garland}
Barrett's favorite project!
We worked on "pattern power" making this baby!
blue, gray, orange...repeat...a million times!

My sis-in-law helped make the 'b-a-r-r-e-t-t' tags and cupcake toppers with her Cricut

gray and orange paper straws and cupcake liners from The Bakers Confections on Etsy
(cute, cute, cute stuff for the Bakers out there!!)

Gummy cars from Oriental Trading
They come individually wrapped. Assorted blue, green and red. I just picked out all the blue ones :)

The mommy snack area...

Chow time!
Cupcakes, and since it was morning, I threw in some fruit kabobs-cantelope, blueberries and peaches!

Saturday night family party-opening gifts with Kylie's help!

Barrett had to open gifts first, so after gifts we had taco soup and then treats!

 {guest book}

{family favors}
Cookies and a sucker
Sucker from Oriental Trading
(supposed to be a car, but Justin didn't think it looked much like one!)

{party treats}
More sweet treats! Thought these were bright and fun!
Just stuck a popsicle stick in sprinkled donut holes from Walmart Bakery. 

We made these Fruity Pebble treats for Barrett to take to school
(recipe here)
They were cute and SWEET! His teacher told me I "really sugared them up"...Ooops!!
I told her I would have made a healthier snack, but it was his birthday!

Another fun Birthday week!
And the very best part of it all...we finally got to host the birthday festivities in our OWN house!

Love you, Barrett Russell!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Project 365| January 17th-22nd


Barrett got to take the treasure bag and treats to school on the 17th! It worked out perfectly, since his birthday was the following day. He Was excited to take a few of the new "worker trucks" that he'd gotten for Christmas and his birthday.


Big boys can butter their own rolls!


Had another session in my natural light "home studio."
Barrett was at school, and I had a sweet little newborn girl session here. 
Loving the new house more everyday! 

Here is one of the images from the session....


Continuing to be blessed with amazing weather in January!
Barrett and I love to walk out to the mailbox on these nice days. It's a great little mid-afternnon exercise!
We also enjoy our view of the golf course out the front door. 


Shot of my desktop...
Was working on some edits, and trying to finalize the re-vamp of my branding/marketing stuff.


Barrett had his final birthday party on Saturday evening. One for family.
He got a Leap Pad from Gigi and Papa, and has been getting it all figured out. 
He loves it. He calls it his very own "iPad."
Here he is tracing the letter "G" for Gigi!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My little man turned FOUR today!!

We slept-in (one of B's favorite things to do), and then headed to Norah Kate and Cal's for a morning playdate with friends and lunch. Aunt Megan even made special ice cream sandwiches! 

After Daddy got home from work, Barrett opened some presents from us.
This was "my favorite present ever," he told us.

The birthday boy got to pick where we went to dinner, and he wanted Montana Mike's.
He got a virgin strawberry daiquiri and a green balloon. He was thrilled!

When we got home from dinner, the boys put the new workbench together, and Gigi and Papa came to visit!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! 
I hope you had a great day!!

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