Friday, November 30, 2012

26 weeks

Holy moly I look huge!!!
I have been feeling huge too. I guess that explains why when people ask me my due date, and I say "February 16th."...they look at me funny and say "oooohhhh." I remember feeling really swollen and huge the last couple months with Barrett too. I miss my cute little 20 week baby belly.  I am certainly past the feeling cute part, but oh well.  Just gonna enjoy the rest of the pregnancy, as it's likely (99% sure) my last =)

My friend, Monica, had her baby!!!
I did her maternity pictures on Monday, November 5th at 9:30am. 
AND by that evening she was in the hospital in labor! By 9:30am on the 6th, I was holding the little guy!!
Meet Liam...

Barrett and I went to vote on November 6th.
Later that night as we watched poll coverage, I was reminded of this picture from November 2008...

On November 10th we went to Coffeyville to celebrate Mamo's 80th birthday!
It was a beautiful reception with all her family and friends.

 After the reception we all went out to dinner!
Mamo got to wear the sombrero and they sang to her :)

Barrett loves to put his hand on my belly and feel the baby :)

A cozy fire, and a bowl of peach cobbler and ice cream :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Halloween 2012

I got to help with Barrett's school Halloween party, and had so much fun!
The other moms signed up to help weren't able to come, so my mom (Gigi) came along!

 {some treats for the teachers}
mugs from Walmart, filled with Chex turtle mix and m&m's 
tied on a pumpkin spice tea bag

take-home treat bags for the kids

 {treats for the classroom party}
I tried to do things that weren't all packed with sugar.
We had popcorn hands, mandarin oranges & juice boxes

We also attended the Annual community Spooks Parade

some of Barrett's little friends....




{sutton, barrett & mason}


{didn't know this baby, just thought it was cute}

We even ran into Barrett's friend from Trinity last year, Riley!
They were so excited to see each other :)

More from pumpkin carving....

24 weeks

I guess I somehow missed taking a picture for 24 weeks...
so here are some random ones from the iphone dressing room :)

{23 weeks...on a senior session downtown}

{24 weeks}

 {25 weeks...trying on outfits for our family/maternity pictures}

AND, here are some of my favorites from our family/maternity session in Wichita with Elly Bean Photography! Elliotte did a great job! We had fun and the weather was beautiful!

Other random iphone pics from weeks 24 & 25...

We got our chimney/fireplace inspected in September, so we finally got to have a fire.
We've been here almost a year (WHAT!?!?), but never had a fire last winter, because we didn't want something to be wrong with the chimney and burn the new house down! 
We've been using it A LOT, and I love it!

We carved pumpkins!
(I'll try to get a Halloween post show the finished products)

The tree in front turned a beautiful orange color!

Justin hauled in more wood. He's been splitting, chopping and stacking for weeks since this picture.
We now have a good size pile of wood for this year, and a separate (even larger) pile for next year. 

The first weekend in November (25 weeks), I had mini session at the Arb in Belle Plaine!
It's always an exhausting weekend, but I'm not gonna lie...being pregnant it really wore me out!
See all the beautiful families I worked with there on my EJP blog

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