Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wildlife Park

Here is event two from our action-packed Memorial Day weekend :)

On Sunday, we decided to go to the Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard, Kansas. The park is pretty new, but they had quite a few exhibits and lots of neat {hands-on} animal experiences.

Barrett and Daddy checking out the monkeys
Brandon and Jenn with a hefty load
We got to walk right beside the kangaroos. This one had a Joey inside it's pouch. See it's little legs poking out?!? When we entered the kangaroo area, the "Animal Ambassador" told us that seven of the kangaroos were carrying a Joey in their pouch!
Hanging out with the African Tortoises
Feeding the bunnies. Barrett loved this!
He would just reach right out and pet them.
I took this because of the kids riding a camel behind Justin and Barrett.
But, Barrett's obviously seen something ahead...
look at the excitement in his face!

On Lemur Island
We didn't buy any cranberries from the Lemur Lady, but we were still able to get pretty close to them. I walked the circle of the island and was waiting for Justin and Barrett when the worker ask me "Were you wanting to get off the island"? It totally cracked me up. I felt like I was on survivor...are you sure you want to leave the island? I told her "Yes, but I'm waiting for my husband and son." Please don't separate us! Ha!

I was planning to be better about handing the camera over to Justin, so I could be in some pictures...but it didn't really happen. This is one of the few I was in, and you can't even see me!

Papa, Barrett and Uncle Bobby watching the monkey's

Gangsta B and J

Take two...Brandon and Jenn (they're getting married in August!)

Couldn't get his hands out of his mouth!

with Gigi and Papa

On the way home. I think we wore him out!
We'll have to go back in the Fall and see what else they add.
There were lots of new exhibits being constructed.

Twenty Years of Tradition

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from our Memorial Day weekend events! Here is Event ONE from the weekend.

For the past twenty years, the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend has always been golf tournament and family reunion day, in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. My maternal grandpa's (a.k.a. Bapo) side of the family gets together at this time for a golf scramble, and then a family picnic.
Here's what I wrote about Bapo and the annual "Bush Open" last year at this time...

Our little family on the golf course

Barrett loved "driving" the golf cart!

Waiting to tee off
Bernie and Audrey (getting married on Friday!!)
Jake and Hannah
(there were married in December 2007 when I was HUGE prego)

We make all the teams pose for a picture before they tee off on the first hole
This was Brandon and Jenn's team (Jenn's first year to play).

Brandon and Jenn's team finishing up the 18th hold.
Brandon sunk a putt to win the "longest putt" prize

Around 5pm, everyone that didn't play in the tournament gathers behind the 18th green to watch the teams come in. It's the perfect gallery spot...
and our picnic pavilion is just around the corner from here.

My Aunt Clara's boys, Gannon & Garrett

On the cart with Mamo and Gigi, Barrett watched Daddy finish up the 18th

Time for the picnic!
Aunt Deb had this cake made to celebrate 20 years!

This year, the golf tournament chairman (My Uncle Rick) had the great idea to have each family wear a different color of shirt! It was a great idea since so many of the families are growing, and it's hard to remember who belong to who year after year!

It's crazy to think that THIS all started with two people who fell in love...
It's amazing that because of Grandma and Grandpa Bush, all of these people are here. AND this isn't even everyone! We were missing quite a few.

Elsie Mae and George W. Bush. (YES, that was my great-grandpa's real name) were married and had five children. I don't know for sure what order they were in. It was my grandpa, Carl; two brothers, Jack and Bob; and two sisters, Georgia and Mary. The only two still with us from the family of seven are Uncle Jack and Uncle Bob.

This year, after we watched everyone tee-off, Mom and I took Barrett to Coffeyville to pick up Mamo. We spent the afternoon driving to four cemetaries, in four differnt towns., in two different states..Remembering the loved ones that have gone before us. It was a long day of driving for Barrett, but he was such a trooper. Gigi sat in the backseat to keep him entertained, and Mamo would visit with him in the car when we stopped, and mom and I would place the flowers. It was a neat experience for me to visit these gravesites in the small country towns where Mamo and Bapo grew up.

The Carl Bush Family (ORANGE in memory of Bapo's Pistol Pete)
We were missing Brian and Sarah and their girls.

The Jack Bush Family
oops, didn't get this family...
my camera was being used to test the BIG group shot set-up

The Bob Bush Family

The Georgie Bush Family

The Mary Bush Family
The 2009 Champions

Mamo won the "oldest family member present" award.
I like to call it the "wisest family member present" award.

Brandon checking out the trophy with my grandpa's brother (Uncle Bob).
If you knew my grandpa, he looked a lot like Uncle Bob...
but would never be wearing that OU shirt!

LOOK!! I was on the winning team in 2002!
I played with Bapo and Brandon.

My beautiful Grandma and her three children
Carla (my mom), Rick, and Clara
After her last hard round of chemo, Mamo's hair came back in white and she decided not to color it. I don't think she's made up her mind if she likes it yet, but I think it's beautiful! She's always had the softest, most gorgeous porcelain skin, and I think the white hair fits her spunky personality perfectly! It'll be easier to find her in the casino too :)

Justin, Barrett and I with my parents, Brandon and Jennifer

After everything was over, we put Barrett in his jammies and headed home.

Oh, I should note that we did put him in his carseat
...after the "jammies" and before the "we headed home" part!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

16 months

HAPPY 16 months, Little Bear!!!
I'm a little late again this month....but we celebrated your 16 month milestone on Monday, May 18th with some pictures of you and monkey! You are such a sweet little man, full of giggles and joy. Summer is almost here and next month we'll be busy with all kinds of new, swimming, Vacation Bible School, weddings, picnics, playdates and more. Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

On Thursday evening, we had our PAFT (Parents as First Teachers) family picnic. It was the perfect evening for a picnic, and Barrett loved being outside with all the other kiddos.

He's become pretty brave/independent in the last couple weeks...going off away from Justin and I to explore and play on his own. He loved trying to go down the slide all by himself.

Norah Kate and Lydia liked the slides too!

Justin wouldn't turn around for a picture,
but I think this wall by the playcenter would make a really cool photo backdrop!

These yummy cupcakes were made by one of the mom's in our playgroup...
They were lemon with raspberry filling.
She has her own cake business Spread Thin Bakery

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