Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday's Letter to my Little Bear-Ninth Edition

Happy Monday, Little Bear! It's a holiday week. Friday is the *Fourth of July*!! We're going out to Aunt Audra & Uncle Kane's to watch the fireworks...if you can stay awake that long, I'll have some stories and pictures to share next Monday :)

It was another fun week of FIRSTS for you! Just when I think there isn't anything else you could possible do, you come up with something. This week you started "coughing" for attention! Last Monday evening we went for a walk and I noticed you were doing this funny little coughing thing, but I couldn't tell if it was real or you had just discovered another talent. I took you to Grandma Sandy's on Tuesday and told her about it. By the time I picked you up that afternoon, both her and Grandpa Rusty were convinced you were just doing it to be funny.

You've also found your TONGUE this week!My, oh my...if you weren't drooling enough before, now that you've constantly got your tongue hanging out, it's 10 times worse!

On Wednesday night we tried round two of the rice cereal by spoon! This time was success!! I held you and Daddy controlled the spoon. It was messy, but you ate it like a champ!

Saturday night, Mommy and Daddy had a date night. We took you out to Grandma and Grandpa's and went to dinner. We weren't gone too long, since we wanted to get you home for bedtime, but it was still nice to have some adult conversation for a little bit. AND for Mommy, it's always nice to use BOTH hands to eat my meal, and to eat it while it's still hot!! This is you and Mommy before date night.
So, since you finally got the spoon thing down, we decided to try some veggies this weekend. You went with Mommy to the store Saturday morning, and we picked out a handful of veggies that looked yummy...Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans and Sweet Peas! We decided to start with an orange food. So, Daddy put carrots and sweet potatoes out on the counter and let YOU pick the one you wanted! Here you are making the difficult decision....AND the winner is... ~SWEET POTATOES~

Sunday afternoon we took your bumbo out to the table on the back patio, put on your bib, got the video camera and the digital camera, and we were ready for action! You did so good with the first few bites. We had sweet potatoes everywhere, but it was pretty least we thought so.
Sunday evening we grilled steaks, and you played in your bumbo while Daddy cooked. Here you are with one of your favorite toys. I have no idea why you like this plastic star so much. You have other toys that are so much easier to get in your mouth and softer to chew on, but you always want this!
Have a great week, Little Bear...I can't wait for your first Fourth of July!!
I love you!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to ME...a bit late!

It came, it came....I was pulling into the driveway after a loNg, StrEsSfuL, eXhauSting day at work and what did my tired, bloodshot little eyes see?!?! The corner of a red, white and blue priority shipping box sticking out the top of my mailbox! Yippee! I knew exactly what it was and I couldn't wait to get inside and open that puppy up!

For Mother's Day, my husband and son wrote me the sweetest letter and promised me that I could pick out any custom name necklace I wanted. Justin knew I'd been wanting one, but he also knows how particular I although he knew it wasn't much fun for me to get a "promise" for Mother's Day, he knew I'd want to pick out my own necklace. I was SO particular about it, that it took me over a month to find one on Etsy that was perfect!!!

Here it is...they're not the greatest pictures, but it gives you an idea of what it looks like!
I looked at tons and tons, but loved the size of this one and the little jewels-they are a Smoky Quartz, and a Champagne Pearl! Barrett's name is on the front and his birth date is one the back. I LOVE It!! Courtney, the designer at Lotus Jewelry Studio was awesome to work with.

I actually just ordered this on Tuesday and she shipped it out the next day! I love instant gratification :) This was the perfect thing to brighten my spirits after a day like today. Now my baby is sleeping, my hubby is watching 10,000 B.C ( I had to pass on that one), and I'm getting ready to go take a long shower and relax!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


...of my ej designs on Thursday!
Well, it actually ends up being NINE designs, but enjoy!

The countdown is on...only *25* more days at my real job and then I'm relying on my new business to bring in some income for the family :) So...I'll shamelessly say, if you or anyone you know is in need of custom stationary of any kind, give me a S*H*O*U*T!!

Here are THREE invites I've done in the last month
See a trend?!?! PINK is hot right now!

The birthday invite and baby shower invite were for local friends of mine.

The graduation announcement was a referral from Wichita, KS. This girl didn't want the plain jane graduation announcements everyone uses, she wanted something fun!

Here are THREE invites I'm currently working on for new clients
A Save the Date for a local client that works at my dad's office. She was open to anything, so I really got to have fun with the design of this one!

A wedding invitation for another local client that works in my dad's parents are so WONDERFUL at getting business for me!

A wedding invitation for a client in Pittsburg, KS....still a work in progress
She was a referral through my "little sister," Candace.

Here are THREE invites from past clients

bridal shower invite

Save the Date for my cousin's wedding

Wedding Set (invite, reception card, rsvp postcard) for a client in Wichita

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday's Letter to my Little Bear-Eighth Edition

Happy Tuesday, Little Bear! Mommy's getting a little behind lately...too much to do at work and not enough time to be with YOU! I can't wait for that to change :)

You're sleeping like an angel in your crib right now, so Mommy's trying to get some stuff done in the office, and Aunt Kim just picked up Daddy to go cut his hair. We had your five month PAFT (Parents As First Teachers) visit tonight, and you did great! Ms Cheryl brought you a fun new toy and you loved it! Everything was right on track and she couldn't believe how big you'd gotten in a month! This time she came in the evening, so Daddy got to be there too. You were such a good boy, we're so proud of you!

Let's see...what did we do this week?

On Friday night we watched your little friend, Addison. Her mommy and daddy were going to a birthday party, so she came over a played at our house for the night. It was almost your bed time when she got here, so you didn't get to play with her too long. Mommy put you to bed and then Daddy and I went outside on the swing with Addie and caught fireflies. She's growing so fast. We used to keep her a lot before you came along, and it seems like just yesterday she was only 5 months old like you!

On Saturday evening, we went to watch your "Ol Uncle Emily" play in a softball tournament. She's actually your cousin, but last weekend, while playing on her Wii, she said "Hey Barrett, watch your 'ol Uncle Emily do this" and it was so funny!!

Kylie loved holding you during the game, and she even shared you with Grandma Sandy for a bit...that's when you conked out right in her lap.

Emily's team didn't win, but after the game you gave you still wanted to give her a congratulatory eye poke and hair pull. It's a loving gesture between cousins!!

On Sunday we spent the day at Gigi & Papa's house because Aunt Debbie, Uncle Rick and Audrey came down for lunch and swimming. You took a good long afternoon nap, so Mommy and Daddy were able to get out and swim. After you woke up, you got to swim for a little bit, then Daddy played with you inside so I could get a bit more sun. You think Daddy's pretty funny!! He even let you try on his baseball cap!On Monday afternoon we had a little pool party at Gigi's with some of Mommy's friends and their babies--Megan & Norah and Stephanie and Elizabeth. You all managed to fall asleep in your car seats on the way to the party! Norah Kate was so cute in her suit and sunglasses! We'll have lots more swim parties with all your little friends! Mommy and Norah Kate

Your cousins, Emma and Lauren have been here all week too. They're staying with Gigi and Papa while Uncle Brian and Aunt Sarah look for a new house in South Carolina. You've had fun playing with them. It's funny to watch you and Lauren fight over the same toy...I tell you you're too little to already be having sharing issues!
Lauren Ashley...on the go

There's not too much going on the rest of the week. We'll hope things slow down a little bit and we can just relax at home. Love you Little Bear!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Flashback Friday~Jamie

Because she just left for AFRICA, and I've been thinking about her a lot this week....this flashback Friday is a trip down memory lane with my dearest friend, Jamie!!

We met our freshman year of college at K-State. She was an Interior Design major too and we had our first studio together. I was a nervous wreck because our first year of studio was combined with the Architecture students in the Arch. buildings. Since I was new to everything, I didn't have a clue what I was doing, and I was sooo thankful to meet her! I can honestly say that if it wasn't for meeting her and a few of my other ID friends (Amy, Kate, Abby...just to name a few) I might not have made it through that first year!
Skipping out of studio the last day of our freshman year...This was taken at Philsbury Crossing just outside of Manhattan.

Jamie and I had classes together for the next four years and made so many good memories together! We even went on two trips to Chicago for IIDA (International Interior Design Association). When I got married in 2002, Jamie was one of my bridesmaids.
With Jamie & Christie at my bachelorette party~On the Border in Wichita
Since graduation, she has been living in New York and has worked for a couple awesome firms out there. She is incredibly talented and an awesome designer! She is a wonderful friend and I miss being able to see her all the time!

This summer, she will be traveling to Africa to do some volunteer work. She will be in Tanzania for most of the time, but will also travel through South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique. She returns to the states in October. See...she's amazing!!! I am so excited to hear all about her trip.

Have a wonderful time in Africa, Miss Jamie!! Write often and be sure to let me know when you start that blog :) LOVE YOU BUNCHES
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