Sunday, August 29, 2010


I'm not ashamed to find a great bargain. Hitting the local garage sales (with my mom-in-law and sister-in-law), on Saturday morning is one of my favorite things to do.  We always end with a stroll through the Farmers Market. I haven't got up to hit the sales too often this summer, but when I do, I always find some great stuff. Remember when I found this chair for $1.00 last summer?? Last weekend, I found some rubber boots for Barrett...for $1.00! He currently wears a size 6 /7 shoe, and these were a 10, but I figured he'd grown into them. Little did I know he would become so attached to them. Wanting to wear them ALL the do everything...and go EVERYWHERE! 

{since we started potty training, Barrett's outfit of choice when we are home is nothing but his underwear...sometimes a t-shirt, but usually not}

Barrett's great uses for $1.00 rubber boots:
*Ride my bike. 
I think it helps him reach the pedals better.

*Workout with Mommy. 
I've been doing the Jillian Michaels "30 day Shred" for over a week now, and he is always right by my side exercising! I'll tell him it's time for Mommy's workout, and he'll say "me go get my boots." It's funny to watch him do jumping jacks and sit-ups. When he does push-ups, he kisses the ground each time he goes down :) He'll say "we workin' hard" and "doin' good, Mom." He's quite the little motivator...except when he breaks in the middle of the workout to grab a bit of cereal bar off the kitchen table, or play with his cars. The other day, he ran to my closet and came out in my flip flops for the morning workout. After just a couple minutes, he said "these shoes wobbly," and he quickly changed into his rubber boots.

*Go Shopping.
He wore them out of the house for the first time on Tuesday. We went to JC Penny to use a free $10 coupon, and he demanded to wear them.

*Play Soccer.
He tells us that he can kick better with his boots on. Last night, he was playing soccer with Mimi and said "me go get boots on."

*Run faster.
Of course they make him run faster. Just wait til he gets a new pair of tennis shoes in the Fall. 

*Play in the rain and mud.
I guess he does know what they're really good for! Occasionally he will say "me wear to splash in the rain." One of these days we'll try them out for that! 

We've been blessed with some very cool Fall-like weather the past week. It's getting us VERY much in the Bluegrass mood! We've taken advantage of it with lots of grilling, playing outside, and our first fire in the fire pit since May! I'm looking forward to lots of fires on the back patio this Fall. 

Justin made burgers for us the other night. A little cilantro, red onion, kosher salt and pepper. Not sure what else he put in them, but they were yummy! He doesn't like to admit he's a great cook, because then I might make him to it more often. While he prepared the burgers, Barrett and I played on the patio. It was so nice out, we had all the windows and the back door open. The cool air was wonderful, and we had Free State cranked up. (*on a sad note...Free State is breaking up, and we will MISS jammin' out to their late night shows in the Grove at BG. Bummer!)

Speaking of grilling...we're going to try stuffed mushrooms tonight! Barrett is waking up from nap, so it's off to the store! Happy Sunday! Have a great week!

Grand Lake Vacation #2

We vacationed with my family to Grand Lake, Colorado in July. Then, in August, we vacationed with Justin's family to Grand Lake, Oklahoma! It was a quick vacation, but always fun to be with family. Our cabin was on the complete opposite side of the lake from Grove, so we spent a lot of time in the car driving around the lake. I guess that's why I don't have too many pictures. I think we spent 70% of our time in the car, and the rest of the time...we were eating, sleeping, playing cards and boating :)

Next year, Kylie and I want to head somewhere with roller coasters!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Manhattan with my girls

A couple weekends ago, we enjoyed a girl's weekend in Manhattan with Christie! It was just the mini vacation I needed...and I always love spending time with my girls. Lots of chatting, laughing, eating, shopping and pampering. It was perfect! I could tell you all about it...but I should be working, and Audra, Christie and Amber have already done such a great job. Check out their posts and pictures :)  I didn't even take my camera that weekend (I needed a break that bad), so thanks to Megan and Christie for the pictures!!

My favorite part of the weekend was our Mint Spa Pedicure! I've never had my legs wrapped with hot towels while I get my toenails painted, and it was Heaven! I might never want a regular pedicure again! My least favorite part of the weekend (and all the girls agreed) was the movie! We went to see Eat Pray Love, and I came {this} close to walking out! You may have seen it, and loved it...but I consider it two+ wasted hours of my life, that I will never get back!  Sorry!

Thanks for the wonderful weekend girls! 
I love you all, and hope we get to do it again soon!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My absolute {favorite} to date!!

So, now that I have my photography blog, I don't share many client images on here...
BUT I had to share this one! It is one of my {FAVORITE} images to date!!
It's from a session I had last week with two year old, Lauren!

I met Lauren and her mama through Barrett's playgroup. Lauren is simply adorable, and so mature and well-behaved for her age. I had a blast chasing her around at this session. Her mama, Monica, had planned some super cute outfits, and we had major fun with BUBBLES at the end of her session! I loved the idea, and the bubble machine worked perfectly for it. I'm very much considering adding bubbles to our family session in October!

I think I love this image so much because it is so full of expression! When you're photographing children, you have to become quick friends with them. It's the only way to get them on your side. Doing all sorts of goofy things, and making wacky noises helps too! I didn't have to work too hard with Lauren. She knew me as "Barrett's mommy" and was cooperative from the beginning.  But I still like to make kids feel like we're just out playing, and not worrying so much about the whole picture taking thing. During this shot, we were playing peek-a-boo with each other. You can tell her little lips are saying "boo."

Monday, August 23, 2010

A green one, and a yellow one

Skittles, that is! We have a BIG BOY at our house now, and his favorite reward for going pee-pee in the potty is Skittles! He'll do his business, and then say "me have Skittles now?" I take him to the kitchen for his reward, and he politely requests, "a green one, and a yellow one, peese."

We started potty training last Monday. It was one LONG week, but so worth it. We started to get cabin fever by the end of the week, but I think I kinda liked having an excuse to just stay in, and not get dressed til late afternoon. I'd been reading the 3 Day Potty Training Method for about a month. One of my blogging friends had done it with her little boy, and it sounded like a great method. I knew as soon as our summer vacations were wrapped up, we were going to just do it! I'd shared the 3 Day info with one of my good friends, Kelsey, and it worked like a charm for her little girl. It was just the push of encouragement I needed, to know that it worked for them. So, Barrett and I headed to Walmart to stock up on a few necessary items (LOTS of underwear, candy and gift rewards, laundry detergent, high fiber foods, and beverages),  and then got right to work!

We started out Monday morning by getting all of the diapers in the house and throwing them away! Even the ones hidden in the diaper bag in the closet, and the ones in Mommy's purse. We put them all into a grocery bag, and Barrett threw them into the kitchen trash. He said "bye-bye diapers." *I of course went back and dug them out later that day, while he was napping. There weren't very many, but I didn't want them to go to waste. I will give them to a friend.

After that, we got out all the new "big boy underwear" that we'd bought, and looked at each one, getting really excited about the characters on them. His favorite pair, from the beginning, was Lightning McQueen. He's never seen the movie, but for some reason still LOVES Lightning McQueen. This worked well for me, because he DID NOT want to get Lightning McQueen wet. We talked about keeping our underwear dry, and making sure to tell Mommy if he needed to go potty. Then, I just started giving him all kinds of beverages, so we had plenty of opportunities to go.

For the first day, I did no photography work,  and was only on the internet a few times to check client emails. We played together all day, making sure that I never let him out of my sight. The key to the 3 Day Method is to catch them in the act of having an accident, so you can get them right to the potty. You don't just take them to the potty every 20 minutes, and force them to try and go. You TRAIN them to get that "I've got to go" sensation, and run to the potty. It clicked with Barrett in no time. He would holler out "me go potty," and we would run to the potty. For the first day, his underwear were getting a little wet on the way to the potty, because he was still learning the control part, but for the most part, it went smoothly. I made sure to celebrate BIG every time he went in the potty, and of course he would get a Skittle!

On day two, he woke up dry from his 3 hour nap, so he got to open a special surprise from Mommy and Daddy. He was soo excited! 

I got very tired of saying "be sure to tell Mommy if you have to go potty" during those three days, but it was worth it. By day three, he was waking up from naps and bedtime DRY. Since then, we've gone out of the house a few the grocery store, and today for lunch with Gigi. He stayed dry, so we'll slowly keep trying new places. We have yet to go somewhere long enough that he'll need to use a strange bathroom. I'm nervous for that day! We are still working on the #2 in the potty, but that will come soon.

I am so proud of my little man! I think he was probably ready for this a long time ago, but Mommy just wasn't quite ready :) I'm VERY happy that we won't be buying diapers or pull-ups for quite some time! I told Barrett that Mommy and Daddy could go out to a nice dinner at least twice a month, with the money we'll save on diapers! 

 I won't show a picture of him on the potty...but this one is just too cute not to share!
He looks so proud of himself!!

If you're planning to potty train soon, I would highly recommend the 3 Day Method. I purchased the E-Book, and it came with free mentoring and one-on-one coaching. I didn't really need to use that, but it was nice to know it was there.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Favorite Things::Late Summer

I planned to do this earlier in the Summer, but you know how that goes! Here are a few of my current favorites things! PLEASE join in, and comment if you're sharing your own favorites on your blog. I would love to come check them out. Always looking for fun new stuff :)

If you'd like to see my {favorite things} from the winter, you can go HERE

{1} Ottoman tray
Found this at Bed, Bath & Beyond this summer, while purchasing some wedding gifts for friends. I'd been looking for something for awhile. We're still enjoying the ottoman in the center of the room, instead of the coffee table. Less for me to dust! So, I wanted something sturdy (and easy to clean) for sitting our drinks, remotes, etc. on. It's heavy plastic, so it's held up to Barrett's abuse for a couple months already.

{2} OPI
When is OPI polish NOT one of my favorite things?!? I just spent the weekend in Manhattan with my girls, and enjoyed a kid-free trip to Target. Of course I had to pick up a new color. It's not quite Fall yet, so I stuck with something bright! This one is: Manicurist of Seville

{3} My new baby
Finally got a new vacuum at the beginning of summer. You might remember Kermit (the old green one) bit the dust several months ago, and I'd been using one of my parents' old vacuums. We gave this one (Dyson Ball) a test drive at Lowe's, before purchasing. It was the most I've ever spent on a vacuum, but well worth it to know that: there will be no future investment in bags, no future investment in replacement filters--they all just wash in the sink, and it came with a 5yr warranty. It's already gotten a lot of use, and I love it. Very lightweight and easy to maneuver. The canister comes off the vacuum, I hold it over the trash, press a button with one finger, and the bottom drops open to dump all the yuck. It's nice to be able to dump that after each use. It's my favorite part :-) She needs a name though! 

{4} Burt's Bees Repellent
My sister-in-law, Kim, got this for me last summer. It's Burt's Bees Herbal Insect Repellent. We've used it a lot this summer, and it smells so good!

{5} Scentsy Warmer this thing! My favorite scent bar is: Coconut Citrus Parfait. I got several different scents, when I bought the warmer (in February, I think), but this one is the only one I've used. Maybe this Fall, I'll try out something else. I also have the car tins in Leather, and love those. 

{6} My flops
I pretty much live in flip flops during the Summer (and most of Spring and Fall too). Last year I found these at Old Navy in brown, and fell in love with them. Super comfy, and not just your regular 'ol flops. My brown ones are getting pretty worn, so I got this pair of gray ones online a few weeks ago.

{7} Cinnamon Sugar Kettlecorn
One of the few reasons I don't mind going to Walmart! I found this popcorn a few weeks ago, when we were shopping for our family vacation groceries. Barrett loves this stuff, and it makes a great afternoon snack! Besides dog food, Walmart found one more way to get me in there...I just went back for bag #2 of this stuff, and noticed they have a couple other flavors.

{8} Burt's Bees Lip Balm
Another Burt's item! I ran out of my Mint Tingle lip balm, so I found this to get me by until Bluegrass.
Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil.

{9} Mountain Spring
Since my pregnancy, I became super sensitive to scents in things like lotions and detergents. I switched to All Free & Clear early in my pregnancy. Then I used homemade detergent from a friend for quite a while. I would love to have kept using that, but the truth is I just don't have the time to make it. So, I finally found a detergent with a light scent, that I can stomach! Tide Mountain Spring.

{10} M&M's
M&M's with pretzels...need I say more?!?!

Off to make dinner and prepare for a photos session in this awesome cooler weather! Who's ready for FALL???

Thursday, August 12, 2010

{TEN} on Thursday

Happy Thursday! Is anyone else ready for this HOT HOT HOT week to be over?!? I was already counting down the days to Fall, but now I'm really ready. Barrett wants to be outside, but he doesn't understand it's just not an option! I miss our playdates on the back patio and walks to the park. Those things are really not an option these days, even in the just doesn't cool down! So, we've been building a lot of block towers, creating a lot of play-dough "food," and coming up with our own little craft projects...all in the comfort of our AC. Poor Daddy has to work out in it every day. We feel a little guilty when he comes home for lunch and we're chillin' (literally) at home in the AC.

{1} 2009 Blog Book
It's HERE!! It came last Friday, while we were away on vacation. It feels so great to have it done, and I have already curled up on the couch a couple times to read through it.  I am lucky I got to take advantage of the discount though. After I posted about it, and then finished my book a day before the deadline, I FORGOT all about sending it to print!! Oh my gosh! I felt like such a dork, but I  knew I was going to order it anyway, so I loaded it to the system, and sent  it to print. I think it was the 1st or 2nd of August, and turned out the discount code still worked! Whew!!This book was 285 pages.

{slurped and printed using BLURB}

{2} Girls Weekend
I am sooo ready for a weekend in Manhattan with my girls! We don't have much planned (pedicures, shopping, dining out, and the movie Eat, Pray, Love), but it will be a blast! I will miss my little man terribly, but I'm looking forward to a kid-free weekend AND work-free. Watch out Manhattan!!

{3} Family pictures
I am sooo over the moon excited about our family pictures this year! The stars aligned, and plans for them just fell into place! I started thinking about them about a month ago, as I was planning my Fall Mini Sessions for clients. I knew we would need pictures too! My sister-in-law did a fabulous job last year, and I love those pictures, but something inside me was longing for the whole "experience." Nothing makes my day like getting a call or email from a client, saying they just viewed their online gallery and it brought tears to their eyes. I LOVE that I can give that experience to them...and I want it too. I talked to my good friend Bethany, about what I should do. Her advice: Definitely have another photographer do them for you, so you can focus on being a mommy and a wife, and not the photographer. She was so right, and I got right to work thinking about who I wanted to do them. Plus, during the Fall, I'm so busy taking and editing for clients, I didn't want to have to worry about editing our own family pictures...and the possibility that they would go to the back burner and not get done. 

I started browsing the web for photographers in the area. I came across a website I'd been on a few months earlier. A husband and wife team out of Arkansas City. They had done an engagement session and wedding for one of my wedding invite clients.  I'd peeked at the website before, because I loved the photo the clients sent me to use on their wedding programs! At that time, I had no idea where the photographers were even from, as I'd never heard of them. So, enter FACEBOOK! (FB has been so good to me and my business) While wasting time on FB one day, I noticed another friend of my had been "tagged" in a wedding photo by ON THE WALL PHOTOGRAPHY. So, I immediately went to their "fan page" and "liked" them. Next thing I knew, I had a personal message back from Alisha, one of the photographers. It made my day! She thanked me for joining their page, and commented on how much she loved my work too! 

We emailed back and forth for the rest of the day, and before I knew it, I'd found our photographer!! We hit it off (via email) right away, and both agreed to a photography trade! They will do our family pictures in October, and I will do pictures of her and her hubby, Dac in the Spring! See....I am over the moon excited!! It is just so refreshing to be meeting all of these other photographers that are so kind and encouraging.  I invited her and Dac to join the {photog group} that Skyler and I are planning to start soon. I can't wait to officially meet her, and I can't wait for our pics!

{4} What to wear?
So, now that our family pictures are on the calendar, I have to start thinking about wardrobe...dun, dun, dunnnn! You know that thing my clients ask about all the time! I usually just do one outfit/color scheme, but since we're having a REAL session this year, I might try to do two outfits. Justin will die when he reads that :)  Although, he promised me that he will fully cooperate for these pictures.  I did buy him a new knife last night to seal the deal.

I'm thinking maybe some urban pics in downtown Winfield or Ark City with a deep turquoise & deep red wardrobe, but I haven't actually purchased anything yet. Just browsed the internet for some ideas. Here is my {urban} idea board ---->

For location #2...I'm thinking some nature pics, possibly at the place where I'll have my Fall Mini Sessions...Badger Creek Lodge. And a yellow & gray wardrobe. Here is my {nature} idea board ---->

As you can see, I have a lot of planning to do. BUT I'm having fun with it!! I also have obviously found too many cute shoes for ME! Oh, and did I mention I'd like to loose a good 20 pounds before this happens?!?  Guess you'll find out in October what we end up doing :)

{5} Garage Sale
Trying to decided if I'll have my annual late August/early September garage sale???? It's always a good way to get rid of some clutter, and make a little $$ for our Bluegrass vacation. Now that I write that, I realize I need to check my session schedule. That might answer the question, and make the decision for me!

{6} Swim date tomorrow
Barrett and I are excited for our swim date tomorrow afternoon with Lydia and Norah Kate (and their mommies). We're venturing to the public pool with all the kids for the first (and last) time this summer. 

{7} Bluegrass countdown
Speaking of Bluegrass. It's just around the corner, and you can bet I'm on the countdown!! Finally purchased our tickets yesterday.  I'm waiting for the email from our "Camp Dad" that will go something like THIS.

{8} Big Brother
Anyone else watching this crazy reality show? We happily waste three hours a week on it. My favorite  house-guest is Lane. He seems to be the most normal, and just a good 'ol boy.  He reminds me a lot of my cousin Hannah's hubby, Jake.

My least favorite...if you watch at all, this is a no-brainer.
BIG chance she goes home tonight.

{9} Fall Mini Sessions
I am really looking forward to my 2nd Mini Session event. This time, it will be Saturday AND Sunday, so I was able to take many more sessions! Thanks to one of my photographer friends (Sky), I scored an awesome location. His parent's home and huge property, called Badger Creek Lodge. It is so beautiful, and will give me a ton of setting options.  I posted a few pictures of the location on my photoblog when I advertised my Mini Sessions, and everyone got really excited about the place! It will be perfect! 

Check it out ---->

I am currently seeking a maid and nanny for the three weeks following the Minis though! I have 27 sessions booked in 1-1/2 days! That is uber exciting, but it also means a LOT of work for me editing :) I'm happy to take it on though. Late-night editing is what I do.

(10} Updated the blogs I follow
The sidebars of my blog were a little outdated. Lots of blogs I no longer checked, and some missing links. I JUST updated the link for MckMama's new blog and realized she already had her baby!! Hello! Last time I read, she was only a few month pregnant! I also have some friends that are just starting blogs. 

I've added some of my favorites inspiration blogs to the list. If you've never read Ashley Ann's blog {Under the Sycamore}, you are in for a treat! This is one of my favorite blogs. Although I get sick to my stomach every time I read it (not really), because she amazes me with her talent and creativity! She is a real superwoman, and seeing her posts leaves me in awe, and feeling like a total slacker!! I am most amazed at her ability to capture her life as it happens...the everyday details. She's also really good about making sure SHE is in a lot of her pictures with her kids. I guess I'm just a bit jealous of her awesomeness. She lives around the Tulsa, OK area. My friend Amber told me about her blog a long time ago, but it's only been in the last few months I re-discovered it. Before I "knew" Ashley...yeah, I pretend we're friends...Amber and I bumped into her at Gap Kids in the Tulsa Mall! Amber followed her blog then (it was during our January girls trip), so she introduced herself. 

Okay....back to work I go while Barrett is still napping :)
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Letters to my Little Bear-21st Edition

Dear sweet Little Bear,
On July 18th, you were officially TWO AND A HALF!! We were on our family vacation in Grand Lake, Colorado. I am so proud of my two and a half year old. You is the most handsome little guy I know. I don't know what I ever did before you, and I can't image a single day without your big blue eyes. I look forward to those moments when I pick you up, after being away from you for awhile.  Whether it's only been an hour, or for two days...your eyes light up, and you give me the biggest hugs. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, to know how happy you are to see me. Especially when you pat me on the back and say "you're my boy, mom." I'm not really sure what it means, but I love it!

It seems like every time I sit down to write you a letter, I tell you how loving and affectionate you are, and how I hope that never changes. So far, you're still my sweet little cuddle bug. There are lots of hugs and kisses in this house. We still snuggle on the couch every afternoon, and watch a cartoon together before you go to your bed for nap time. You're happy to share your Biggie with me, and don't mind that I squeeze you tight and kiss your head a hundred times over. I ask you if you're always going to be Mommy's cuddle bug, and you tell me "yes." Although sometimes I think I have baby fever, I can't imagine sharing my attention with another sweetie just yet. This age is too fun, and I'm loving all we get to do together. 

I say it all the time, that this is the most fun age....I guess I'm finding out that they are all the most fun! Every milestone brings something new, and we are loving them all. Right now is fun because you are pretty independent. We have conversations with each other, and I can actually understand everything you say! You can tell me what you want and don't want. You help pick out your clothes. You play contently with your cars for hours. You know the names of all our friends and family, and talk about them a lot. You know our routines, and are very easy-going.

{2-1/2 yr pictures taken at our Cabin in Grand Lake, Co:: July 16, 2010}

After a long day of fishing, you took a bath in that BIG bathtub at the cabin, and we got ready to go to town for dinner. Mommy took a few pictures of you on the front porch before we left. The picture above was the FIRST one I snapped when we got outside! There was NO posing involved! I literally said "go lean against that post there," and this is what you did!!! I could not click the shutter fast enough! After that, it was the same-'ol, same-'ol chase you around trying to snap a few, as usual.

Our typical day....

* You wake up around 8:30 or 9am. Sometimes later! (I think you take after Mommy, liking to sleep-in!) Mommy's been staying up very late for the last several months, since that is my work time. So, I usually just sleep until I hear you calling for me. There is nothing better than waking up to your little voice saying "me wakin' up, Mom."

* We eat breakfast together and play. Your favorite breakfast foods: strawberry cereal bars, waffles, cereal
* We get out of the house for errands and activities in the mornings. During the summer, you participated in Wiggles & Giggles, Storytime, Toddler Art, Sensory Art, Swimming and Playgroup.
* We usually get to eat lunch with Daddy on the days he comes home. You're not a great lunch eater, but you are getting better. You usually tell me you want a sandwich and chips.
* Around 1:30pm, we start our snuggle time and watch a short cartoon before your nap.
* You usually nap from 2-5pm, and Mommy gets lots of work done!
* Most of the time, Daddy is home from work when you wake up. Some days you wake up in a good mood, and hope right out of bed to start playing. Other days you wake up more slowly and cranky. You insist I hold you until you're ready to get down and play.
* In the evenings, Mommy does a lot of photo sessions. You can Daddy get to spend some quality time together. If you see me putting on my shoes or changing clothes, you'll say "going mom? take pictures...tiny baby?" You seem to think all I do is take pictures of tiny babies. It so cute the way you say it though, and you gesture with your hands like you're holding a tiny baby!
* If I'm lucky, Daddy will fix dinner while I'm at my session, and then we eat when I get home. Your favorite foods: pizza, hamburgers, broccoli, onions, corn on the cob, asparagus, tomatoes, any fruit, chips & dip, and tacos.
* It's been super hot this summer, so we haven't played outside much, even in the evenings. But, you do help me water the flowers. You are a great little helper.
* We play together in the family room at night. You like to play tag, cars, football and soccer. We have tickle wars, and lots of dance parties! You point to the computer and tell Daddy to "turn music on." Meaning pull up itunes and play "Livin' is a part of Life" by Eric Church. It's your favorite, and WOW you've got some moves :) Daddy won a flip cam from work, so as soon as we get that, I'm going to have to get some video of your awesome dance parties!
* Our bath and bed routine usually starts around 7:30pm
* The bedtime routine has gotten a little long, but I'm not complaining. We go to your room and "rock and read." I let you pick out three books, and we sit in the rocker together and read them. Then I tuck you into bed and read you one more short book. When that's done, I tell you goodnight, and you say "get Daddy." So I send Daddy in to tell you goodnight. Here's where you've lengthened it....After Daddy tells you goodnight, you ask him to rock you for a minute, then you have him "get Mommy." I go back in for the 2nd time, and you stand up in your bed with Biggie in one hand and Tiny Monkey in the other and say "sing song Jesus, Mommy." How can I ever say no to that?!?! Sure, you're stalling going to bed, but it is my favorite part of the whole day! So I rock you, and sing "Jesus Loves Me." Then as soon as I'm on the last line of that song, you look up and say "sing Wagon Wheel." It is adorable, and what two better songs are there? Then I lay you down and close your door, and we don't hear another peep out of you. That's our routine! It takes about 10-15 minutes, which might be a little long, but it's our routine, and if you're going to keep sleeping as well as you do, I don't mind a bit. 

Some things I've written down over the last month:
Out of Barrett's mouth....

"me workin' berry, berry hard"
"bless you Mama" (every time I sneeze, he tells me this. So sweet)
"Daddy go golfin', Josh" (yes, Daddy does a lot of golfing with Josh)
"Move over little bit, Mama"
"I have surprise"...Then he says "give kiss first"....Then he opens his hands and says "ta-daa"
"that vacuum too loud for me play car-cars, Mom"

AND, my all-time favorite...
I think I was in the bathroom getting ready one morning, and he was playing cars at my feet. He tooted, and then looked up at me and said "no firecracker, BUTT!" and he laughed, like he knew he was making a funny! We both laughed so hard! 

So, happy 2.5, Little Bear!!! I couldn't possibly love you any more! Everyday brings something new and I look forward to hearing your sweet voice every morning. You're my boy!! I love you, Mommy
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