Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Green Apple Sno Cone

A couple weeks ago, we took Barrett on his first trip to the local Sno Shack!
I hadn't had a sno-cone in for-ever, and had been wanting to go.

You should know that I am a bit of a sno-cone snob...Okay, not really.
BUT in the early 90's, when I worked at my family's Mini Golf, I made lots and lots of Hawaiian Shaved Ice!

So, anytime I have a sno-cone OR shaved ice (different things), it takes me back!
You know...the good 'ol days at the Mini Golf where I spent Summer after Summer, and met the love of my life!

I think you can tell from the photos below that Barrett very much enjoyed his first trip to the Sno Shack!

I don't even remember what flavor I ended up with, but it was pretty! Orange & Guava, maybe?!?
Justin and I were a little overwhelmed with the hundreds of flavor combinations! =)

I LOVE all of the Summer activities and traditions we get to do as a family!
Looking forward to our next trip to the Sno Shack! This post has me craving one NOW!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Our Summer activities have been in full-swing for the last couple weeks.
Last week, Barrett took a Super Heros class at the Winfield Arts & Humanities (my old workplace).

It was taught by one of my friends, Stephanie.
Barrett loved it. He was so independent, and I enjoyed watching him in a new environment with older boys.

Gigi came with us to class one day, so she could see what Barrett was making.

Painting the boxes for his belt!

Throughout the week, they worked on different parts of their Super Hero costume:
Cape, mask, belt, power band bracelet, etc.

Barrett wanted an orange mask, green boxes for his belt,
and a blue cape with an "B" and "light bulbs" (a.k.a lightning bolts)


It was so beautiful out Sunday evening, we went to "find a good spot," as Barrett said, so I could take some pictures of him in all his gear!

What a sweet little Super Hero I have!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day 2011
{thanks to my Mother's Day gift...the Bloggie camera...I have pictures to share}

We let Justin open his gifts on Saturday evening.
The surprise we'd gotten for him hadn't come yet, so we wrapped up a picture of that surprise!

After gifts, we headed to Wichita for Father's Day dinner out at PF Chang.
It's one of Justin's favorite places, and it was Barrett's first time there.
He loved eating with chopsticks. We might have to use them at every meal, he ate so well!

Feeding the ducks and catfish while we waited for our table

After dinner, we headed straight back home, because the weather wasn't looking too great. We decided to take cover in a car wash stall in Augusta, because they were forecasting ping pong ball sized hail South of August (i.e. our route). Then we decided we might as well head to DQ while we were stranded. So, at 10:15pm on a Saturday night, Barrett was awake eating ice cream! AND he had not had a nap that day! We had been at Josh's wedding (Justin's best friend). To keep Barrett quiet during the ceremony, I fed him about eight Starbursts. Then at the reception, while waiting for cake, he ate about five Hershey Kisses out of the favor bags! Jeepers!! I have no idea how he didn't have a meltdown that day!


On Sunday, we woke up to a little visitor in our bed. Not sure what time he snuck in there, but he was upside-down when we both got up.

We had brunch with my parents and enjoyed some time by the pool.
Barrett is becoming quite the little fish!

That evening, we had dinner with Justin's family!
THEN...we took Barrett out for a quick little photo session!
More to come on that soon =)

On Monday, Justin's Father's Day present finally arrived!!
Better late than never....

An iPad2!
This is keep him happy in the evenings when I'm working on the MacBook and he wants to browse the web!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

oil change

Barrett loves to "work."
He's always carrying his plastic tool set around the house saying  "Mom, if you need a job done, I can fix it."
It cracks me up the things he says these days!!

Anytime Daddy or Papa are working on something, he wants to be right there beside them.
So, when Justin changed the oil in the jeep a couple weeks ago, I came outside to find this....

He definitely has his father's work ethic. We'll see if that's still the case in about 13 years!
Shortly after these pictures, we traded my beloved Jeep Cherokee (Stella) for a newer & bigger model.
A Jeep Commander. I haven't named her yet, but I love her!

Friday, June 10, 2011

2011 Staycation {day two & three}

 Day two started out with Emma's soccer game. The weather was very chilly for mid-May, and we did not travel with appropriate wardrobes for it! Jennifer had a baby shower to host that day, so she was away with her friends. After Emma's game, we went to lunch at the T-Rex Cafe. Barrett was in HEAVEN!! It was Justin and I's first time there too, and we even enjoyed it! We got to eat at a big round table under a jellyfish, and the kids loved that! Some of our photos from lunch....

After lunch, we did a little shopping at Legends. Barrett fell asleep on Daddy's shoulder. He was out. I held him for a bit, and then Uncle Bobby held him. He ended up sleeping while we finished shopping, all the way back to the car, and the whole ride home to Overland Park.

The kids were excited to get out the bounce house when we got home.
AND Aunt Jenn made it back from her shower in time to play with them all!

That night we hung out around the house....
Brian grilled for us, and we stayed in to watch a movie.

Sunday morning we took a few family pictures, and then everyone headed home.
It was a great staycation! Thanks to Brian and Sarah for hosting!
Looking forward to our next family vacation or staycation!

Gigi and Papa with their four grandchildren
{Lauren, Emma, Barrett and Jones}

The whole fam

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