Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a very low-key Easter, and it was perfect!
It didn't really feel like Easter, since neither of my brothers were with us. AND the rest of the weekend had been very busy with a wedding. One of my good friends (I call her my honorary little sister), Candace, got married. My hubby helped me with the wedding...setting up equipment, carrying cameras, and even a little shooting at the ceremony and reception. It was fun to have him with me, and we worked really great together. I'm going to have him studying up on his gear a little more, and I told him we could make a good hubby and wife wedding team! Here is the beautiful bride....

So, after 12 hours of wedding photography, I came home Saturday night and stayed up until 2:30am editing some {peeks} for Candace and John! I should have known that was a bad idea! We were planning to go to early church for Easter. I set the alarm for 7am, so we would have plenty of time to see what the Easter Bunny left, and get ready for 8:30am church. Well, I'm not sure what happened between 7 and 7:56am...but at 7:57, I woke up, looked at the clock and freaked! I shook Justin and yelled "we have to  leave for church in 20 minutes!" Whoops!! I have no idea how, but we rushed around and made it to church right on time.

Luckily the Easter Bunny knew we'd be going to Gigi and Papa's after church, so he took Barrett's basket there! After church we went out to brunch. It was delicious, and mom and I were happy not to have to cook or clean-up! Then we went to Gigi and Papa's to see what treats Barrett got, and dye some eggs. That afternoon we all three took a much needed nap!

I can't get over how big he looks in these pictures! 
He was so handsome in his Easter outfit!!

Hope you all had a blessed Easter with family celebrating the resurrection of our Savior!

I'm forgiven because you were forsaken
I'm accepted, you were condemned
I'm alive and well
Your spirit is within me
Because you died and rose again

Amazing love, how can it be?
That you, my king would die for me
Amazing love, I know it's true
Its my joy to honor you
In all I do
I honor you

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where has April gone?

Yes, it's true...
I've just had the longest blog hiatus since I started blogging in Spring 2008!

I've just been busy livin' life and drowning in work.
April has been a whirlwind.
11 regular sessions. 26 mini sessions in one weekend. 1 wedding
That's what I've been up to!

I am currently working my way through editing the 26 mini sessions, 
and preparing to shoot a wedding this coming weekend.

You can visit my photoblog to see some recent sessions and peeks from the Spring Minis.
Elephant Juice Photography

Then there's my little man and hubby.
We've been spending lots of time outside, cleaning up the house and yard.
Last weekend I had a rare weekend with no sessions, so I took full advantage,
and got outside to plant flowers and clean up my beds. It was wonderful!
I LOVE my job, but all the evenings and weekends are a sacrifice of time away from my family.

I have been too busy shooting for others, I have lost all motivation to pick up my camera and document our day to day life. It's sad, but true.
Thank goodness for my cell phone camera. It's always there, and easy!

So for now, that's all I really have...

I'm hoping in May I will be able to pick back up on shooting for me!

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