Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Well, it's been over seven years (I think), since I created my last "color board" at Scott Rice.
AND even longer since I created my last residential "color board" in studio at K-State! Gosh I miss that place!
BUT...the past few weeks, I've been putting my college degree to use!
You're welcome, mom and dad!!


We first saw our new house in July.
After 6+ years of searching, and having heartbreak after heartbreak...
I was reluctant to get too excited, too fast. I couldn't take another disappointment.

Now here we are, 5 months later!
Our "cottage" on Cherry Street is sold. We have our closing date set for December 19th. This coming Monday.
Although we had been patiently waiting for those 5 months, it all started moving really fast after Thanksgiving. So, I had to decide paint colors fast! (Thank you, Audra, for your help!)

I love to paint, but I've never done a whole house at once!! I was a little stressed. I have all sortsa crazy ideas for what I want on Pinterest :) BUT I don't have bedding or things like that yet. So, we went pretty neutral, but still warm and cozy. Then we can accent with our colors pops down the road. 


I had to start with this, so I could see all of the house colors next to each other...
I wanted to make sure everything had some sort of flow!
*the paint square for hall bath, Barrett's room and guest room are looking a bit pinkish' to me here.
Sandy Ridge is what we currently have in Barrett's room though, so I know I love it! 

From this, I've started working on color boards for each room.
Here are a couple...

That is an actual picture of our cabinets. We are dark wood people, so we were very excited that those won't need painted or stained or replaced! They are in very good shape. Just gotta do something about those gold knobs! This room will need work...there is currently a lot of wallpaper up, and the counters are a black marble-looking laminate. Sweet, huh?!? We just got a new fridge (like shown but with another small drawer between the freezer drawer and french doors), range and dishwasher tonight! 


Found this fabric on fabricworm.com, and love it! Gotta get some ordered and hope my talented sister-in-law will help me make something with it :) There is a standard closet with bi-fold doors in the mudroom, and I'm thinking about converting it to something like the top right photo! Justin even thinks it would be cool :) The walls in the mudroom are currently hunter green, so more work to do! Who wants a floral balloon valance? Highest bidder wins!

(closet I mentioned is behind me/in front of Barrett...door to garage is just to my left)

Very excited for this room! It's small, so it shouldn't take much...and I've always wanted a powder room.
We just got this vanity and faucet over the weekend, so we have a start! Another fabric I found on fabricworm.com. Any ideas for that?!?! Basket-liners in the those wicker baskets for under the vanity?? More wallpaper to remove, and the pedestal sink is outta there. Sorry if you have one, but we are not fans! ;)


So, that's where I'm at so far! NOW, we have to get to packing up this house!! I've been staying up til 2:30am or later every night for almost a week straight! It's killing me, but I have to get client edits and orders finished up for 2011. Just a few left still! I finished my last 2011 wedding last night, and it feels great! I think come February, I will be taking a nap every.single.day. 

Ideas and advice welcome! If you want to come to the painting party/moving party, just let me know :) 
AND feel free to tag me on Pinterest, Pinterest friends, if you find something I might like! 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Elf Adventures

On December 1st, we had a little package show up on our front porch...

We had just watched the "Elf on the Shelf"movie while we were at Brandon and Jenn's for Thanksgiving, 
so Barrett knew all about Santa's elves, and how they get their magic and lose their magic!

We opened the box right before school, so we decided to wait until Barrett got back home to take him out and give him his name!! Barrett named him...

MEET Lil' Red Chippy

Lil' Red Chippy... "Chippy" for short, has been up to some pretty mischievous things at our house!

 Chippy loves Bobby and Jenn!! 
For some reason, Uncle Bobby finds this creepy...I can't see why?!?!

AND that is the most recent adventures of Chippy the Elf!
It's a fun tradition for Barrett (and Mommy and Daddy too)!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Treasure Bag

Every couple months at Barrett's preschool, he gets his turn to bring something for show-and-tell.
We know when it's his turn, because this red bag comes home in his backpack...

THIS is the "Treasure Bag" for his class!

He can pick two or three things (that will fit into the bag), to take for show-and-tell!
Bringing the treasure bag also means that it's his turn to bring snacks!

In September, Barrett took his Packers helmet and jersey!
I made him a little poster with pictures of him wearing it last Halloween to show his classmates.

He just had his second turn with the treasure bag a couple weeks ago, and that time he took some cars.
His little Lightening McQueen, Chick Hicks and a big yellow work truck. 

He likes school, and it's fun to watch him come out of his shell...
He looks so grown-up when he hangs his back-pack up in his cubby, kisses me goodbye and runs off to play with his friends in the morning!
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