Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A couple weekends ago, we took Barrett to his first train show.
I think it's safe to say it was a HIT!!

Justin and I even enjoyed it! I'm not sure when (if ever) I was at a train show last. Those are some detailed models! I was amazed at all the little buildings, cars, and features they all had. My favorite was the McDonalds. It even had cars that would pull up to the window, and if you were close enough, you could hear "Yes, I'd like a double cheesburger, fries and a coke." Barrett loved watching the trains come around. I was surprised so many of them were pretty good sized. They would barrel around the corner, bright lights, steam, and choo-choo'ing! 

This wasn't a very big train show, but it was the perfect size for Barrett's first experience. There were about five or six models set up. One was right at his eye level and even had a Thomas train! That might have been his favorite. Another was set up on the floor. It's details were sparse, but Barrett enjoyed sitting on the floor watching it go around.

After we'd looked at all the indoor trains, we headed to the park across the street for some of the other activities they had set up. They were giving little train rides, which I thought would be fun for Barrett, but neither Justin or I thought he would do it. We were sure as soon as the train pulled away, he would want out and would try to stand up or something. We watched it for a a little while, trying to hype it up. As soon as it stopped, he said "my turn," and pulled us over to get on! We put him in a little cart, waved goodbye, and off he went!!

 I'm not sure he smiled the whole time...but he really was loving it! It was a little very emotional for me! I told Justin I was about to cry. My BABY BOY was riding a train, all the way across the park, away from me, and he was just fine! I had a moment!

Mommy was ready to get him out and love on him...I missed him!
After his first ride, we watched some more, and then he was ready to go again!!

He even got a fist-bump from the engineer :)

After the train show, we picked up Arby's, and headed to another park for a picnic and to visit the BIG train. 

It was a great TRAIN day!
Barrett conked out on the way home, and took a long nap that afternoon. 
We're looking forward to our next train day.

Now, I'm off to bed! It's been a long day.
Love the new Blogger picture uploader though :) Have you noticed?!

Monday, April 26, 2010

the goats...

How could I forget about the goats!?!
These pictures were in the point-and-shoot files for March.
I don't go back through those very often, but I'm glad I found these!

Barrett loves walking/riding to see the goats while we're out at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 
On this weekend, Uncle Jeff was here visiting, and there were lots of new baby goats!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MY Administrative Professional

Happy Administrative Professional's (Secretary's) Day!

When I was the Executive Director at the Art Center, I had a wonderful administrative assistant. She had been there for several years before I started, so she really knew the program, and taught me a lot! She was quiet, sweet, and always willing to do anything I ask of her!

Now...I have a new administrative professional!

He really dislikes it when I use the old-school term "secretary" to describe his job. 

He rises early, and is ready to get right to work, but by 11am he's whining for lunch.

Not long after lunch, his productivity really goes down the drain, and he sneaks out of the office for a long nap! It's really not fair! I don't get a nap! Who takes a 3+ hour nap in the middle of the day?!?

He enjoys taking notes and filling out forms, but isn't so good at filing.

He is easily distracted by his surroundings, and often gets off-task to "play" around.

at least he spends his "break time" engaging in brain exercises

His friendly greeting to clients coming in is hit-and-miss. Some days he'll greet them at the door with a smile. Other days he will bury his face in his desk, or give them a rude scowl.

I occasionally find him doodling on important paper work.  He tells me they are "doggies" and gets really excited about his work. I don't find it amusing that he's wasting company time.

I am unable to offer insurance benefits, so he's forced to wear glasses that clearly do not fit him well! His aunt, Dr. Christie would be very dissapointed. 

His penmanship is getting better, but 99.9% of the time, I can't read the messages he leaves for me.

It doesn't take him long to turn the office from organized to a complete mess! At least he is somewhat helpful in tidying up, when I ask.

He enjoys helping me use the printer, when I'm trying to get wedding invites finished. He often tries to load paper in the open tray himself, causing a jam.

His phone skills need work. He will pick up the phone and start chatting, when it hasn't even rung! Crazy!! Maybe he's drinking in the middle of the work day, and I don't realize it. 

When the phone does ring, and I ask him to answer, he just holds the phone to his ear with a blank look on his face. The person on the other end of the line is speaking to him, but most of the time he just smiles. 

His wardrobe is not very professional. He insists on wearing his "comfy clothes."

Forget coffee...this guy drinks a LOT of milk!

As you can see, my administrative professional is still in training! 
For all of you that are an administrative professional, have been an administrative professional,  or you are lucky enough to have one...hopefully they don't do too many of the things mentioned above!

He's has some faults, but I wouldn't trade him for anyone else in the world!
Happy Administrative Professional's Day, Mr. Barrett!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

{TEN} on Tuesday

Whew, it's been a while since I did one of these posts...and I really shouldn't be doing one today! I have PLENTY of work to keep me busy, but I'm easily distracted! This is a {TEN} on Tuesday/Lost Pictures combo post!

Just downloaded pics from the point-and-shoot (I need to do that more regularly) and thought I would share some with ya! So, TEN random moments from our last few weeks...err, months!

{1} LEMONS...yum
Barrett has recently decided that he likes to have a slice of lemon in his water. It's pretty funny that I'm putting them in his sippy cup on a daily basis, but hey, at least he's drinking water! The other day he ask me to put a lemon in his milk though. Mommy told him that would be yucky! I wonder where he gets this idea about lemons in his beverages :)

{2} We are loving the Spring weather! I was a little concerned at the end of March that our Redbud hadn't budded (is that a word?) yet. We left for Nebraska, and I thought it was dead...then we came home and it looked like this! It's so beautiful!

{3} The paint on our siding is chipping/rubbing off! We re-sided our house in the Fall of 2004, using the Hardiplank concrete siding. It was pre-primed and guaranteed not to chip or peel, and to not need repainting for a LONG, LONG time! Well, wrong-o! It's been chipping for about a year now, and it drives me absolutely c-r-a-z-y to have my house looking like this! Especially when I have clients stopping by on a daily basis to pick up prints/place orders/look at wedding invites.

Hardiplank needs us to fill out a (very lengthy) claim form, including pictures of the damaged areas. So, hopefully we'll get this fixed soon. Ugh!

{4} For Easter, I made my nieces this Tootsie Pop bouquet! I get a sucker with EVERY order from my print lab...and my UPS man delivers a print order about 3-4 times a week. I've been saving these for the last several months. You do the math! I have a LOT of Tootsie Pops! Kylie and Emily like these suckers, and I had fun making it! Barrett had fun pulling the "flowers" out of the bouquet!

{5} Every once in a while, Barrett and I have Sonic for lunch! His favorite Wacky Pack combo: Chocolate milk, corn dog, and apple slices with caramel. Don't forget the caramel!!

{6} Barrett does some of the funniest things while we're riding around in the car.

It's always hard to get him to leave Mimi's house, so we bribe him into his car seat with a Cutie!
He knows how to peel them himself now, so he loves them even more!

{7} This March, we enjoyed watching basketball! I have NEVER been a basketball fan. I'll watch football any day, but basketball just never interested me. Even my own Alma Matter, KSU, wasn't on the top of my interest list. My friends played in high school, but I didn't, so I've never really know anything about the game. When I went to watch the boys varsity games in high school, I spent 99% of the time chatting with friends, making sure I looked cool, and eying cute boys.

Justin has never really been a huge fan of it either, but he would watch more often that I did. This year he filled out a bracket for work, so both really go into it. It made it a TON more fun that my Wildcats did so well in the tournament too! GO CATS!!

Barrett and I wore our purple in support of the Wildcats' Elite 8 game. Unfortunately they lost in that round, but it was fun to cheer them on. 
What a HAM!!

{8} My good friend, Amber, and her little girl Jillian, came to visit in late March. They were in town to meet Miss Caroline, and it was nice to see them. Barrett took a liking to Jillian... a crush may have blossomed on this day! I think Barrett was reading to her in this picture :) Jillian just turned ONE yesterday. So hard to believe. She's such a cutie!!

{9} Barrett's new favorite activity...
Sitting in mommy's Jeep, pretending to drive, and playing with ALL the buttons! AND you can't drive without sunglasses!

{10} Some videos from February, March and April :)

Just sayin' hello to the doggies. We were on our way to his friend Addison's house this day. He found some old, dried-out cutie oranges in the back of his little car...that's why the video ends abruptly. I was afraid he was going to stick one in his mouth!

Doin' a little dancing and singing in the kitchen! This is one of our favorite activities to do together. He doesn't care that I can't sing in tune to save my life!! He's performing to "You Are So Good to Me" by Third Day.

Another performance. This one was taken last week...I don't remember what he was singing about.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Something Beautiful

Barrett's napping and I'm editing pictures from my Mini Sessions....

In LOVE with this song from Need to Breathe. 
Heard it on K-Love the other day and came right home to download it!

Very inspiring to work to.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring favorite {recipe}

One of my favorite recipes for the Spring and Summer!
{Broccoli Salad}

Just made my first batch of the year for Easter dinner. 
It's great for Barrett...he loves broccoli and raisins!

 It's an old classic/favorite, so you've probably made it before. Maybe this will just remind you how much you love it, and you'll go make it this weekend! OR maybe you've never had it, so you'll go make it this weekend and discover a new favorite!

Happy Spring! Enjoy~

Broccoli Salad

1 large head of broccoli, chopped
1/2 c. chopped red onion
1/2 c. raisins
1 bag of real bacon bits
1 c. mayo
1/2 c. sugar
2 T. vinegar

Combine broccoli, bacon, onion and raisins in a large bowl. Set aside. In small bowl, blend together mayo, sugar and vinegar. Pour mixture over salad; marinate in dressing from one to three hours before serving. Keep refrigerated. Stir well before serving.

If you have a little helper, don't forget to let them have a taste :)

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