Friday, August 29, 2008

It's a BOY!!!

No, we're not expecting again...that would be crazy! But it was one year ago today ~Wednesday, August 29, 2007~ that we found out we were having a baby BOY! Our ultrasound appointment was at 12:00p.m. that day. Here is what I wrote about it in my pregnancy journal, I remember it like it was yesterday...

Although I was nervous about all the water I was supposed to drink for this appointment, once I got up on the table, she smeared the cold gel on my belly and we saw the first glimpse of our baby...I forgot all about how full my bladder was! Our ultrasound tech (Gail) was wonderful. She made us feel comfortable and explained everything she was doing and everything we saw on the screen. We'd just started, and she was moving the wand around on my belly trying to figure out what position the baby was laying in when WHAM, Justin and I both saw a 'pee-pee' shoot across the screen! I wasn't sure if he'd seen it, then he quietly asked Gail "so, will we be able to find out the sex today?" She said she didn't think that would be a problem! We knew shortly after that, we had a 110% sweet baby BOY!! Justin just squeezed my hand when she told us. I had to fight back the tears as I watched him move all around the screen. I knew how much Justin wanted a little boy, and even though I've always thought I 'd have a little girl, I couldn't have been happier at that moment just watching the excitement on Justin's face. Throughout the rest of the ultrasound, while she checked his heart and took all his measurements, he kept flashing us right and left! He's certainly not a shy little guy! We couldn't have been surprised if we'd wanted! Our tech said he'd probably be the little boy that's running around the house naked when he's two! It was a wonderful appointment and we both left the office grinning from ear to ear. We both took the rest of the day off work...don't think we would have been able to concentrate!
We went home that afternoon and took a nap together on the couch. Then that evening we gathered all of our family out at my parents house for a BBQ and big baby reveal! My friend Christie happened to be in town that week, and she's an awesome baker, so I had her make a special cake! She was actually the first to know the baby's sex because of this! Here is the cake she made....
I had everyone in our family write down their guess BOY or GIRL on a special page I'd made for my pregnancy scrapbook. Everyone was so anxious, we let them have dessert before dinner. Here's Gigi cutting into the cake while everyone waits..... Later that night, we had all of our friends over to share the news with them the same way! We let Christie cut into the cake, since she already knew!It was a wonderful day...I can't believe it's been a year! Now we have our beautiful baby boy and he's perfect!! God is so good!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ready for a Throw Down?

So, anyone that knows me, knows that as the end of August approches I begin to get a bit (okay, more than a bit) excited about a certain upcoming September event! I start gathering camping supplies, making packing lists and gearing up for BLUEGRASS!! It's the third weekend in September, every year...and Justin and I look forward to it with as much aniticipation and excitement as the birth of our first child. Okay, it's a close second to Barrett's arrival into this world :)

Well, this year will be a bit different for us. We're still camping with our good 'ol friends David and Tonya, and all our other bluegrass "family" members! Can't wait to see you guys...especially our camp Mom and Dad, Gayle and Mary...they take care of us kiddos and even fix us pancake breakfasts!! But, we'll have little Barrett with us some of the time, getting his first taste of Bluegrass music and camp life! Thank goodness for grandmas and grandpas living in town, we've got babysitters ready to rescue him when he's had enough of his Daddy's banjo playing!
This year will also be different because our FAVORITE group...The Wilders...will NOT be there! If you've been to a festival, you've heard The Wilders and their old country and bluegrass tunes! Betse on fiddle, Ike on guitar and lead vocals, Phil on a little of everything, and Nate on bass. They are high energy and we love, love, love catching every single one of their shows during the four-day festival. Especially the 2am show on Stage 5!Well, apparently this year the festival officals have decided not to invite The Wilders to play, in hopes that audiences will explore new groups and musicians! Well, I think that just plain NUTS!! I was sooooo ready for a Wilders THROW DOWN! I was so dissapointed to hear this news, I emailed Betse to let her know they would be missed dearly AND I emailed the festival to share my thoughts on their brainiac idea! I have no idea what they were thinking, because I of course didn't get a reply from them :)

Well, if you're still reading (thanks for letting me vent) and are interested to hear what this group sounds like, check out their blog and website ---> links are in my sidebar :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

frisbee golf, picnic in the park & a monkey suit

...that was our weekend in a nut-shell!

My Aunt Deb & Uncle Rick got Barrett this adorable monkey outfit when he was born. Aunt Deb saw it at Kohl's and just had to have it :) The size said 0-3 months, but it looked huge and we were sure he'd be able to wear it for Halloween. Well, I decided it was time to get it out and try it on...just to see how it fit and if he could wear it as his first Halloween costume. I laid him on the floor and stuffed his chunky little feet and arms into it. He looked at me like I was crazy, but after I got it all zipped up he just laid their in a trance. It must have felt really soft and snugly! I could tell after I zipped it up, it was going to be a big snug and he likely would not fit into it come October (if you have any 9 month-old boy costume ideas, please chime in)! So, I hollered at Justin to come help me get some pictures of him in it! Barrett was like the little brother on A Christmas Story when he was all bundled up walking with Ralphy to school... we tried to sit him up and he'd just topple over. He couldn't even stand up next to his exersaucer without Justin's help! We were cracking up!

On Saturday we went to the park down the street with Uncle Bobby to play some frisbee golf. Barrett and I just strolled along behind the boys while they played. He was content with his foot propped up sucking on his bottle.
Look at those eyelashes!!

On Sunday, we took Barrett to Island Park and had a picnic lunch. It was a beautiful day! After we ate we took him over to see the geese...we didn't have any food for them, which was probably a good thing. They tend to get a little demanding and have been known to chase you down!

See...Barrett doesn't look too enthused here! I don't blame you, I was scared too Mister B!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Letters to my Little Bear-13th Edition

Happy SEVEN months, Little Bear! Today is Tuesday, August 19, 2008, and you celebrated your seven-month milestone yesterday! The months just continue to fly by. You did so much between July 18 and August 18...scooting, crawling, pulling up, getting teeth! It was a busy time for you! Here is the picture Mommy takes of you every month with your monkey...he's still shrinking!

This month was a bit more of a challenge for me, as you were more interested in pulling up on the back of the chair to get to the goodies on the table!

This is your new face, by the way...When you get excited, you scrunch up your nose, squint your eyes and squeal!

Last week I started giving you a sippy cup of water, since you are always interested in Mommy's water glass. You seemed to know just what to do with it, and I think you enjoy having your cup. Last Friday, the 15th was Aunt Kim's birthday!! I took some pictures of you holding a card you made for her and we used them to make a cute magnet frame for her fridge.

You weren't too sure what to think at first...Mommy usually takes paper away from you when you find it!

Then you decided you had the munchies...and before I could get to you, you'd taken a bite out of the corner of your card! Oops!! I was scared to death you were going to gag on this tiny piece of paper, and I tried to dig it out of your mouth, but you weren't having it. So, it got washed down and came out in your diaper the next morning!

You started getting your first tooth last Monday, the 11th and it was a little rough, but we got through it. Daddy was holding you and I was giving you kisses before I left for my meeting last night and I noticed you had ANOTHER tooth on the bottom, right next to the first one! Guess this one came in a little easier, because we didn't even notice. That is until this've been a bit of a crabby-pants today! Here's a picture I snapped while we were on our morning walk yesterday. It's not a great picture, but you can see your teeth! (Readers: you might have to click and enlarge the picture to see them)

As you can see, you were dressed up in your Bluegrass tie-dye yesterday morning! A lady Mommy used to work with made this onesie for you, and she also made one for Norah Kate. Megan and I wanted to get a picture of you both in them before you outgrew them, so I took a blanket on our walk and we had a little photo session in the park! I didn't get any great shots, but you two make adorable Bluegrass babies, none the less!!

This is you and Mommy last Saturday evening. We were getting ready to go to the annual BBQ at Lydia's house. It was a fun evening, with LOTS of other babies to play with! You were a good boy, but we had to cut our party a little shorter than in past years to get you home for bedtime.

I'll end with these pictures I took of you last week! You were looking out the front door and being such a little ham! You love to lean against the door and pull yourself up...Mommy tells you "no, no" and that you're too little to be doing that stuff!

I think that's why you gave me this look

Looking forward to another wonderful week, being home with YOU! Tonight when Daddy gets home from work, we're going to Wal-Mart to get some child-proofing devices! You have discovered every drawer and cabinet in this house! You love to crawl right into the bathroom while Mommy's putting on her make-up, pull open the bottom drawer and start pulling stuff out! keep me busy! Love you Little Bear!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

shots, stats & a "faux hawk"

We just got home from Barrett's six-month shots a little while ago and now he's sound asleep in his crib. It's so hard to see my baby boy in pain with that 'scared to death' look on his face. But is there anything better than being a MOM, and able to comfort them with your touch and soft words? I couldn't wait for that moment when the nurse put the last band-aid on and I knew I could pick him up, put him on my shoulder, kiss his sweet head and tell him we were all done and it was going to be okay. We were in the office for over an hour this time, and he was a little trooper as always.
Here are his six month stats:
Weight-16 lbs, 10 oz
Head-17.5 inches

And here are some (okay, several) pictures from an impromptu photo shoot we had this morning, before he was traumatized from the shots! We gave him a "faux hawk" while Daddy was home for lunch, and he was in such a good mood, I couldn't resist capturing it on camera. What a little man...he's such a crack up!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cutest Kid Contest...

And the winners are:

Lydia, Barrett, Hadley & Norah

So, we had another bfe baby photo shoot yesterday afternoon! If you don't already know about my bfe's (Audra, Amber, Christie & Megan)...we've all been friends since elementary school.

Amber has Hadley, born April 26, 2007 (15 months) Audra has Lydia, born November 16, 2007 (8 months)
I have Barrett, born January 18, 2008 (6 months)
Megan has Norah, born February 27, 2008 (5 months)And Christie doesn't have a mini-bfe yet, but she is a great aunt! (This was taken June 6th)

NO...we didn't plan to have our kids at the same time, but it's been so much fun!! Anytime we can, we get together and have a baby photo shoot! This was the first where they could all sit up, so we had some fun.

And here we are with our babes...
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