Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Before & After {exterior makeover}

Our house got a new paint job in I thought I'd finally blog some before & afters!

It was a stressful process for me! Picking out colors for interior walls isn't that big of a deal for me. I like earth tones, and I tend to like darker, cozier colors. AND it's just a wall...if you don't like it, you can easily re-paint it. Well, that's NOT the case when painting a 2-story house! I was super nervous to finalize a color, and have my painter buy all the 5 gallon buckets of it! Yikes!

I knew I wanted either a dark gray, brown/gray/taupe, or messenger green

I used the Sherwin Williams ColorVisualizer to help pick a color. I found a few I liked on my paint deck, and then uploaded a picture of our house and tried them all to see what they looked like. Once I narrowed it down to Foothills (SW7514, if you're interested), I had my painter get me a sample jug of paint. BEST decision ever!!! We only used about 1/4 of the little jug, and were able to paint a really good size patch on the back of the house. (Justin had to tell me that I didn't need to paint the whole house!) Anyway, it was soooo helpful! I was able to look at the color during different times of day, and against my white trim, and knew immediately I loved it!

I knew I wanted black shutters, so this was to help me visualize the house color, white trip and black "shutters"

After that, we ordered the paint, and the painters went to work!! They power washed the whole house, covered/taped all the windows, doors and trim, painted everything, touched up trim in 2-1/2 days! Oh my, I was so excited!! It was totally worth it to pay someone else to do the job. With a 2-story house, we would have been painting for 3years to get it all done! They had a lift and sprayers, making it so quick!

Here's the BEFORE & AFTER of the front...
(the before was taken the first time we ever came to look at the house, before we made an offer)

In December 2011, we had to have all the white trim painted in order to get our home loan, so it was already nice and fresh when the siding was painted in May 2012. 

We also had our garage doors painted! This was another stressful decision for me! My little brother told me as he has before when it comes to painting "Leave it white! You paint everything...leave it alone, Martha"! Well, I think I proved him wrong again :) I like them much better painted! It was like getting brand new garage doors. They were in pretty good shape, but it just made them all fresh and new. We also had some plastic sunbeam inserts in the windows that I removed.

Some more of the process...

Finally, we had my black shutters installed! AND my vision was complete. 

That's all for now!! I really wanted to do a mustard gold door, but for now it's still red. I like it red too :)
Our last step will be to take down all the existing light fixtures and give them a fresh coat of black paint. They're not really our style, but for now a little fresh paint will make due.  
Then the front walk needs some major landscaping help! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

18 weeks

Yay, 18 weeks!! So close to halfway there...and feeling so much better every single day. Praise God!!! I have my appetite back. Still not 100%, but so close. I am eating and gaining weight back. For the most part, I am feeling pretty good/normal most days, and most of the day. I tried to go off my medicine a couple weeks ago, but ended up getting sick about every third day off. So, now I'm back to taking it every morning. I usually feel pretty nauseous in the morning without it. I was mostly trying to go off it, just because it was giving me horrible headaches! BUT, thank goodness, those have been not nearly as frequent the past few days!

* I enjoyed FINALLY getting my hair trimmed by my sister-in-law, and having my friend Kari color and curl it! It's had been way too long, and I needed the pampering. Made me feel so good!

{17 weeks}

* September 8th, I officially went "back to work." Justin and I shot a wedding in town on Saturday! I did pretty good, I was just exhausted by the end of it, and my back was killing me for most of it! Justin snapped this pic of me, as we waited for the ceremony to start. 

* Justin was off all last week and this Monday for Bluegrass! It was nice to have him around, and enjoy relaxing at camp, seeing our camp family and listening to great music! Tuesday was a bit lonely for me around here...he went back to work and Barrett was in school. I missed them!

{baby mac's first trip to Bluegrass}

{Barrett and I came home early Thursday was cold and rainy. 
So I made brownies and candy bar apple salad for the next night's dessert}

* We got to babysit one of my friends' little boys on Monday night. Barrett was so excited to have Koy here! I can tell he is going to be a big help with the new baby! While he was here, we spent some time out on the front porch, and Justin worked on my new planters! I ordered these WAY back in May, after the house painting and shutter makeover was complete. I wanted something large for the porch, to match the scale of the door/front of house. Then I got sick, and they ended up sitting in the entry for months. So, we got some Mums in Ponca Monday on a quick trip. I really like the planters. Trying to decide if they look okay on the sides of the stairs, or need to be up in front of the columns?!?

* Last night I was feeling great, and got motivation to do a little more work outside. I planted some more mums by the garage, and cleaned up the back patio. I was really missing my cozy gazebo, and now that the mornings and evenings are cool, I want to be able to sit out there and enjoy it! Over the past few months it's gotten ZERO use, and was full of leaves! The chairs were dusty, and everything needed a good cleaning! I swept out all the leaves, and dusted off all the chairs and cushions. Then we sat down and enjoyed it for a bit :)

* I got in a bunch of cute stuff I'd ordered on Etsy for our "Gender Reveal" party!! It's not secret that I love planning parties, and I am already having lots of fun with this one!! Here's a peek at my goodie stash on the dining room table!

It's all sitting in a drawer I found at an antique store last week. Every time we go to Wichita, Justin and I love to stop at the Augusta Antique Mall on the way home. I found this butter yellow desk drawer. It's paint is chipped, and Justin though I was crazy. The sales person even ask what my plans for it were! I told her I was having a gender reveal party, and planned to sit mason jars in it for drinks! I got 15 8oz mason jars with lids & straws...I'm hoping will fit perfectly in it!

Here is a {peek} at the invite we sent out to our family!

Now I'm starting to get nervous that baby #2 will be "shy" and not reveal anything to us :) Our party might not be as fun if that's the case! haha!! 

* I've been craving College Hill Coffee A LOT, and have been enjoying it a LOT!!! Mostly going for lunch or dinner to have the Southwest Wrap or Chicken Salad on Croissant! AND fresh pasta sides or soups! I had the BLT pasta salad for the first time the other day...YUM-O! I have spent way too much $$ there in the last couple weeks =)

{my favorite morning treat-pumpkin bread & apricot brandy ice tea}

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

16 weeks

Still chuggin' along. I didn't get the same angle, so I even though I've certainly grown since 14wks, I think this pic makes me look bigger. Well, I guess the camera adds 10 pounds :)

The past couple weeks continue to get better. I think...
The last few days haven't been as good, but I guess it's just hit and miss. I haven't gotten sick since last Wednesday, which was out of nowhere. I do feel nauseous still though. I am eating and have an appetite, but not 100% yet. And once I do eat, I usually feel pretty miserable after. Oh well, at least food is going down and staying down!

Justin went to grocery shopping last night, and I was craving lots of fresh fruits and veggies, so I had him pick up some yummy stuff. Bananas, apples, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, black olives, etc. I REALLY wish I had a personal chef. So much does sound good, but I just don't have the desire to stand in the kitchen and prepare anything. If I stand in the kitchen too long thinking about/looking at/smelling food, it just makes me feel nauseous! I am soooo ready for cooler weather, and hopeful I'll be feeling normal. I really want to be back in the kitchen preparing fresh, hot meals for my family. 

* Barrett and I went to my doctor's appointment last week (15wks), and got to hear the little beans heartbeat. I am pretty sure she said it was 140. At my 11wk appointment it was 163. I need to pull out Barrett's baby book and see what his were. 

* We scheduled our 20wk ultrasound for October 2nd! If baby cooperates, we will find out if it's a BOY or a GIRL! We are all very excited about that. Planning a gender reveal party that evening for our family and friends! I just ordered the invites this weekend, and I can't wait to start planning--hopefully I will have the energy to do so! 

* Barrett has his first soccer game this Saturday. We can't wait to watch our little man in his first team sporting event!

* Tomorrow is LANDRUSH for Bluegrass! Praying I feel well enough to go setup up our camp and then partake in all the Bluegrass festivities for the next week. Well, all but the drinky-drinky party =) Not sure how much tent sleeping I will be doing. At least I can sit in a comfy chair and enjoy the music around camp and on the stages! We are going to dinner tonight Bill & Nicki, our camp family/friends that come from Tennessee every year. They have been here since the 31st of August to lineup for Landrush! 

Here is the first pic we have of baby Mac #2 from the 11wk sonogram.....

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