Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Mother's Day

Guess what friends!!!
I have actual photos from my camera (not my phone) to share!!

Hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.
I was spoiled by my boys, and loved every minute of it!

I totally over-planned my weekend, so by Sunday, I was ready for some R&R!
I decided to have a garage sale on Friday evening and Saturday morning, so I spent most of last week preparing for that. They are so darn much work! Oh well, got rid of clutter and made a little moolah for Summer trips. Saturday evening I had a session downtown. By the time I got home at 8pm, we were all starvin'. So Justin and Barrett took me out to dinner at Montana Mikes. We splurged with appetizers (stuffed mushrooms...yum-o) and a Boulevard Wheat for Mommy. Yes, that's splurging for us, I guess!

Sunday morning I got to sleep-in a bit, and woke to my little guy with an envelope in hand saying "Happy Mudder's Day, Mommy...we got you presents...come see."  LOVE my new video camera! It's a Sony Bloggie Touch, if you're interested. It takes up to 2hrs of HD (1280) video and still photos. Just what I need to tuck into my purse for all the Summer activities we have coming up! Then we went to brunch!

That afternoon we went to Belle Plaine with my sister-in-law, mother-in-law and nieces to a concert at the Bartlett Arboretum. It was the perfect way to spend the day! We had a picnic on the lawn...Kim made tons of yummy treats, and enjoyed the sunshine and scenery. I hadn't been to the Arboretum since I was in elementary school, and I was just in awe of the beauty and peacefulness. Oh my goodness, I would give anything to live there! How amazing to wake up to those view every morning, and walk those grounds every afternoon.

Here are a few of my photos from the day. You can see ALL of them over on my photoblog. I put up a special Mother's Day post and tried out the "photo gallery" feature on my new blog. Enjoy~

the new camera in action =)
A circle of moms and daughters

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

brought to you by.... cell phone camera.

Still no motivation to pick up my big cameras and document our every day life.
It's sad. It's unfortunate. But it's the truth.

So, in no particular order, here are some random phone pictures from the last few months...
Story time with Miss Jo
This was the first session after Barrett moved up with the bigger kids, when he turned three.
In the other session (0-3yrs), the moms sat on the floor with the kids, so I wasn't sure how he would do when I noticed the moms weren't on the floor. I think he made himself comfy!

Working on a Humpty Dumpty project in Toddler Art

Snuggling in bed with Mommy while Daddy was in Vegas for work.
We missed him, but enjoyed all those snuggle nights.

On the floor in his room with biggie, pillow and favorite book of the week: "If Dinosaurs Came with Everything"

This one just cracks me up!
It looks as if I made him put on the bunny ears for the picture.
But he was the one that wanted to put them on, and get his picture taken. Silly boy!

Enjoying coffee and muffins at CHC for Aunt Megan's birthday.
Barrett loves Cal!

Just being silly! This one totally reminds me of my little brother Brandon!

We've been spending lots of time outside!
Dinners on the back patio are Barrett's favorite!

Finally!!! We get to move the basketball goal that Santa brought OUTSIDE!!
We've been enjoying family games of Horse, and I think Barrett is better than Mommy!

1.) I LOVE Chipotle
2.) This cup cracks me up. Justin was reading it aloud on our way home from Wichita one day, and I was crying, I laughed so hard.
"If there was a chip-appreciation society, I would probably join in (as long as they didn't meet on Wednesday nights, because I have my ceramics class on Wednesday nights, and next week I'm making a bowl) But on any other night, I would be happy to meet up with folks and talk about how awesome chips are."

Good 'ol Kansas hail storm!!

Sorting through his goodies after the Flashlight Easter egg hunt!

Justin and Brent were helping me pack up all my furniture after the Spring Mini Sessions...
they had a couple little tag alongs :)

More eating on the back patio. LOVE steak and asparagus!
My hubby makes the best steaks (although he probably won't like this picture because it makes the steak look over-done)

On this night, Barrett decided his flip flops needed to join us at the table???
Luckily Justin and I were done eating.

Rush hour traffic!
This boy is crazy about cars. They entertain him for hours and hours.
We take them everywhere we go!

Barrett and Kylie helping me with my Spring planting.
Barrett loves to put on his Diego gardening gloves and help.

YAY!!! Justin finally got my photo wall collage up!
It looks great. I'll have to get a better (non-camera phone) picture soon.
As soon as Barrett got up that day, he noticed the pictures. We were sitting on the couch, and he came out of his room to sit on my lap. He looked up with sleepy eyes and a raspy voice and said "beautiful pictures, mom." It was adorable!

How about these, Dad??
Trying to buy new shoes for Daddy via picture messaging!
Justin helped me shoot a wedding last month, so I bought him so new, comfy dress shoes.

This is from the other night...
I was mowing, and Justin was weed-eating and spraying weeds. I should have known Barrett was getting sick, when this is all he wanted to do. He crawled up in there himself, and stayed in there for over an hour! He would just wave at me every time I'd pass by with the mower.

Our favorite spot at the local coffee shop.
Reading a new library book.

Kisses for Mommy!

At the coffee shop again!
Look who joined always.

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