Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010 {the snapshots}

I was so excited to spend Christmas with both of my brothers in town!

We got to my parents' late on Christmas Eve, after our celebration with Justin's family. The kids played for a bit, then we made a plate of cookies for Santa, and sent them to bed. I wasn't sure how easily Barrett would go down, since we were sleeping on the pull-out sofa in the living room. It's at the font of the house with the family room (where Santa would leave the toys), so I didn't know if it would be quiet enough for him. He did great though. Didn't get out of bed while Santa was bringing in his toys, and he was sweet (as always) to snuggle between Mommy and Daddy all night!

We wanted to get the annual pic of the cousins in their Christmas jammies, but Jones was already in bed. We did get a few of Lauren, Emma and Barrett though...they all crack me up!

especially this one...

Santa came!!!
Don't mind that the top of the tree is unlit :)
My parents had some major issues with their pre-lit tree this year. I called it the "redneck tree."
random sections would go out and then come back on minutes later. Only when the top section went never came back on. 

For as long as I can remember, our Christmas morning tradition has been for the kids to line up in the hall, before running out to see if Santa came. I remember doing it every year with my cousins at Mamo and Bapo's house. This year, Brandon and I joked about how long we had to wait in the hall when we were little. The "grown-ups" seemed to take their time getting on robes, pouring coffee, and finding a seat for the action. I can't believe we're the "grown-ups" now!

All the kids let us sleep until 8 this year!  Yay! Emma, Lauren and Jones were up a bit earlier, but they hung out in the back bedrooms until everyone was up and ready. We had to wake Barrett up. He was a little sleepy in the hall line.

Christmas day is also my mom's birthday!
So she got some extra hugs and kisses in the hall line :)

Once the grown-ups were ready with cameras in hand....
we let the kids go! Jones got to run out first, since he's the youngest!

I guess Barrett was hungry. He wanted to eat his applesauce right away!
Good thing I didn't put any candy in his stocking this year.

I was shocked that he wanted to sit and play with his art table first.
It took him awhile to warm up to the "basketball hoop and basketball" he asked for from Santa.
Helping Gigi open a gift

We go around and open gifts
Youngest to oldest.
Taking time to break for breakfast, coffee refills, and bathroom trips.

So by the time we finished opening, it was almost noon.

Brandon and Jenn (and Charlie) had to leave early to head to Scott City, so told them goodbye, and started preparing Christmas dinner.

We had a mid-afternoon dinner, celebrated Mom's birthday, then headed home with all of our gifts.
At home that night, Barrett was hit with the flu. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gingerbread cookies

We spent Christmas Eve day with Justin's family.
Our tradition is to have dinner at his mom and dad's with everyone, then open presents.

The kids are always excited about the present opening part.
To keep them distracted for a bit, we made reindeer food and gingerbread cookies!
Great ideas, Mimi!!

Barrett loved helping add the glitter and mixing up the reindeer food.

He filled a bag to take to Gigi's that night, so we sprinkle food on the lawn for Santa's reindeer!

After we finished that, we started on the cookies!
Barrett spent most of his time on this one cookie...

It was a fun Christmas Eve!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Introducing Cal

At the beginning of December, we had a {meet the baby} shower for my friend, Megan.

As always, it was a very well coordinated bfe event.
I was excited to design the invites.
My mom was gracious to let us have it at her house.
Christie was master cupcake baker. 
Audra and Amber addressed the invites, and searched out the perfect paper goods.

Yeah, your mouth is watering, huh?!?
The chocolate were my favorite. They had Cherry in the center, and a chocolate covered cherry on top!
I think the other ones had cookie dough in the center.

After we got all set up, the guest of honor arrived...
(I'm so glad he's getting use of out one of Barrett's hats! I loved this little hat. I think it was from my friend, Bethany.)

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