Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A couple weekends ago, we took Barrett to his first train show.
I think it's safe to say it was a HIT!!

Justin and I even enjoyed it! I'm not sure when (if ever) I was at a train show last. Those are some detailed models! I was amazed at all the little buildings, cars, and features they all had. My favorite was the McDonalds. It even had cars that would pull up to the window, and if you were close enough, you could hear "Yes, I'd like a double cheesburger, fries and a coke." Barrett loved watching the trains come around. I was surprised so many of them were pretty good sized. They would barrel around the corner, bright lights, steam, and choo-choo'ing! 

This wasn't a very big train show, but it was the perfect size for Barrett's first experience. There were about five or six models set up. One was right at his eye level and even had a Thomas train! That might have been his favorite. Another was set up on the floor. It's details were sparse, but Barrett enjoyed sitting on the floor watching it go around.

After we'd looked at all the indoor trains, we headed to the park across the street for some of the other activities they had set up. They were giving little train rides, which I thought would be fun for Barrett, but neither Justin or I thought he would do it. We were sure as soon as the train pulled away, he would want out and would try to stand up or something. We watched it for a a little while, trying to hype it up. As soon as it stopped, he said "my turn," and pulled us over to get on! We put him in a little cart, waved goodbye, and off he went!!

 I'm not sure he smiled the whole time...but he really was loving it! It was a little very emotional for me! I told Justin I was about to cry. My BABY BOY was riding a train, all the way across the park, away from me, and he was just fine! I had a moment!

Mommy was ready to get him out and love on him...I missed him!
After his first ride, we watched some more, and then he was ready to go again!!

He even got a fist-bump from the engineer :)

After the train show, we picked up Arby's, and headed to another park for a picnic and to visit the BIG train. 

It was a great TRAIN day!
Barrett conked out on the way home, and took a long nap that afternoon. 
We're looking forward to our next train day.

Now, I'm off to bed! It's been a long day.
Love the new Blogger picture uploader though :) Have you noticed?!


  1. How cute Laura!! Maybe someday Josh can take you guys on a actual train ride!!! =)

  2. Thanks, Samantha! Barrett would LOVE that! You will have to take Jackson to this next Spring :)

  3. Awww!! How sweet!! Huntler LOVES trains! I mean LOVES LOVES them! He would have had a ball at the train show - no matter how big or little. In fact, he is sitting on my lap now looking at the pictures!!

    I remember the first time we put him on a little ride like that - it was at the pumpkin patch and he LOVED it. I was sad and nervous and could't believe he was doing it on his own, but he had a ball!!

    Time flies....

  4. Looks like he had lots of fun! What a big boy climbing up the rock wall! You have such a wonderful family, Laura!


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