Monday, October 1, 2012

20 weeks


Well, halfway there...but I feel HUGE! Not sure I can grow for another 18-20 weeks! I keep thinking that surely now I'm in the middle of the 2nd trimester, I will quit feeling yucky. Not that I feel yucky all the time, but frequently in the morning when I first get up, or in the evenings after I eat dinner. Most of the time it's in the evening. I will feel pretty nauseated after dinner, and just end up headed to bed my 8:30 or 9. I feel like such a grandma, but it's the only thing that helps...just going to sleep! Pretty sure Justin and I haven't gotten into bed at the same time since June. AND I'm not getting any work done at night. That is normally my most productive time. 

* September 22nd, Justin and I shot another wedding in Winfield. The day seemed to go pretty fast this time, and my back didn't hurt nearly as much as the last wedding we did. This was our last wedding for the year! Last actually until after the baby comes. We have one in April. Hopefully I'll be ready for that!! 

Justin, me, and my belly in action....

my 2nd shooter is so handsome :) 

* Last Sunday we took Barrett to Ark City for the Last Run car show! We knew he'd love it, and of course he did!! He even got to sit in one of the cars!! We were just walking along, and the owner ask him if he wanted to get in. It was SO clean inside, I was nervous!

* The Monday after the wedding, I had to return some rented lenses to Wichita. So Barrett and I had a little lunch date and hit up Hobby Lobby! He was such a good boy, and I loved spending the day with him. We even stopped for DQ Blizzards on the way home, and then he fell asleep. 

 {lunch at Cinnamon's Deli--we love that place!}

{being silly at Hobby Lobby}

* Barrett's been having soccer games every Saturday morning! It's so fun to watch him. He's really starting to come out of his shell on the field and go after the ball. His first game, he came running over to us on the sideline after the 1st quarter and said he "was done, and ready to go." Uh, you still have 3 more quarters, and your team needs you we told him! The second game, he did better! At the end of the 4th quarter he finally got the ball and took it all the way down the field. He kicked it towards the goal, and missed just to the outside. We all cheered, so excited he'd tried for a goal. But his face quickly went sad, and he ran straight off the field to me crying. He was heartbroken he'd missed! We spent the whole ride home telling him that we were so proud of him, and explaining that everyone misses every once in a while. We were just excited he'd tried so hard! He finally calmed down. Then this past weekend, while trying to run with the ball, he was tripped by the other teams player. He got back up and kept playing. THEN, it happened a second time. This time he got up, his face turned sad, and he ran off the field right to me crying...again! Oh dear! He was heartbroken and embarrassed. It took a whole quarter for Justin to calm him down and talk him into going back out there. He finally did in the last quarter, and got to play goalie for the first time. Poor little guy is learning lots of lessons! Hopefully he'll trying and having fun with it...and toughen up just a bit!!

* On Saturday night, Megan, Audra and I drove up to Wichita to see Christie! She was in town for a continuing ed class at the airport hotel. So we went to dinner, did some shopping and spent the night with her in her hotel room. It was great girl time...just what I needed!! The warm cookie at check-in was not just what I needed...but still delicious!

* Yesterday we went to see the Lion King in Wichita! We've had tickets since Spring, and Barrett has been looking forward to it for a long time. We all loved it!!! Barrett struggled to stay awake after intermission (during a few slow songs). He dozed off for a couple minutes, then stayed awake for the rest of the show. We could tell he was so tired, but he just didn't want to miss anything! It was amazing!!

* Still craving LOTS of fresh, homemade & mostly healthy food from CHC!

{two of my favorites: dilly pasta salad & southwest turkey wrap}

* Tomorrow morning we go to the doctor for our 20wk ultrasound! We HOPE to find out if baby is a boy or girl! BUT most importantly, just want to see the baby and know that he/she is healthy and growing! I had planned to take Barrett along, so he could be there with us. BUT I think now we've decided to just send him to school, and it will just be Justin and I. I REALLY do want Barrett there, but  having him keep the secret all day until our party might be near impossible!! He's already seen the baby once on the ultrasound, so we'll just have him be surprised at the party along with everyone else!

{20 weeks}

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