Wednesday, February 13, 2013

38 & 39 weeks

HOLY BELLY...and swollen face, feet and hands!
I really don't even care to look in a mirror at this point.

These last few weeks have flown by, and passed slowly...all at the same time. I'm pretty much done with work-editing current sessions anyway. So, other than getting Barrett to/from school each day and keeping the house clean, I don't have much to keep me busy! Kinda wish I did. I need to take my mind off of WAITING! 

During the 38th week...
We all three drove to Bartlesville, OK for eye appointments. Everyone always thinks it's crazy I drive all the way to Oklahoma each year for my eye exam, but I {LOVE} my optometrist. The fact that he could possible retire soon gets me all misty-eyed. I love him because I've been through a lot with him and my darn eyes. When I was little I had three eye surgeries. I knew I wanted to take Barrett to see him as soon as I could, to make sure he didn't have my same eye issues. This was Barrett's 2nd exam. The first time, it looked like he might be in the clear, but this time he was showing signs of having my problem.  Looking back at my chart, I first saw Dr. Lee when I was FIVE! So, I've been going to him for almost 30 years. Wow!

{Barrett and Dr. Lee}

{Justin's first eye exam EVER}

I had a Doctor's appointment and ultrasound on Feb 5th. Baby looked great, but was getting so squished in there it was hard for her to get any really good pictures of his face. My doctor had ordered this ultrasound because I was measuring about a week ahead at my 37 week appointment, so they wanted to check the size of the baby, the amniotic fluid, etc. The calculated him anywhere between 7-1/2 to 8 pounds...but then told me those could be off by 1-2 pounds! So, I either have a 6lb baby or a 9lb baby. Not really helpful! I tried not to stress about it. I had hoped that they would strip my membranes at this appointment (like I'd talked about with my midwife for several weeks), but my cervix was still too thick for that. I was still dilated to 1cm. 

Barrett started indoor soccer practice. He wasn't always a big fan of soccer this past Spring, but I think he's gonna love indoor soccer. OR maybe he's just coming out of his shell. It's fun to see how excited he gets for practice, and how he loves making friends and talking to his coach. We had to tell him the other night that Coach doesn't have time to stop and listen to his long stories in the middle of practice...he'll have to wait to after practice if he needs to tell a story. He's really chatty these days! 

{Barrett-center in black shirt & shorts}

{giving me the "thumbs up" in green shirt}

I had another Doctor's appointment on Feb 11th. This time I got to see my office's new doctor. I was a little worried, since this was my 39week appointment, and neither my regular doctor or my midwife would be there, but I really liked the new doctor. I told him I'd hoped to have my membranes stripped this time if I could. He joked that I was really going like him if he did that the first time we met. BUT again, wasn't able to, as my stubborn cervix was still too thick. I am scheduled for a c-section on the 18th if I don't go on my own before. Since we're running out of time, they are going to get me back in Friday to see if there's any progress. I'm anxious for that appointment. The new doctor said he would consider inducing me, but my regular doctor I don't think will do that. Not sure what the midwife's view is...They will all three be in the office that day, so should be interesting. 

iphone pics from past few weeks....

{nesting and organizing...this day it was the fridge I attacked}

Barrett had a dentist appointment. He did so good, I took him to CHC for cupcakes!

{me and my baby belly shot our last session before baby comes}

{I much prefer the closet can't really tell how swollen and huge I look}

{working on some painting projects in the garage}

{Audra and I went to get lovely}

{Barrett and I had a "date"...trip to Wichita to checkout Babies 'R' Us and Olive Garden lunch}

{one of my talented clients made these for us}

{late night craving for chocolate, so B and I made brownies}

{crockpot enchiladas--they were yummy!}

{Got our Bluegrass tickets!! YAY!!!}

I saw on Facebook Monday night that CHC was having Dilly Pasta Salad on the menu the next day.
It was all I could think about, as it's my FAVE salad there! So, Barrett and I had a lunch date there after I picked him up from school :)


I thought Barrett was out in the yard riding his Gator...but I came to the garage to find this masterpiece!
I only yelled a little. I hope I can handle having a dark colored car...I'm OCD about a clean car-inside and out! My past silver/gold cars haven't showed the dirt as much. I take after my dad...I better start a carwash fund! 


  1. You, lady, are ridiculously adorable!! So excited for you guys and for your new baby boy to be here soon! Looks like you're having lots of fun and making the most of your time before he gets here. LOVE your organized fridge. Be still my beating heart!! =) Oh, and PS - Dac plays indoor soccer too! =) Oh - and Barrett is hilarious! It's so fun to see what he's been up to! =)

  2. I just love reading your blog! Where did you find your scrapbook paper for the Abram letters? I have been looking all over for gray chevron paper for Sutton's birthday party.

    1. The Chevron paper is from a big paper pack at Hobby was $19.99 for the whole pack, but I couldn't find single sheets in the right colors or chevron! Hopefully I'll use the other papers in the pack for something!


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