Friday, December 19, 2008

11 months

Happy 11 MONTHS, Little Bear!!

Yesterday, December 18th, you celebrated your 11 month milestone!

Oh my, oh my...I can hardly believe it's already December and my baby boy is nearing the one-year mark! It seems like just yesterday we were getting ready for the holidays, I was HUGE, and everyone was asking me (non-stop) "when you gonna have that baby"?

This past month has probably been one of the most fun! You started walking just before your 10 month milestone, but I would say you became and "official" walker at the beginning of this month. I always told people I wasn't really encouraging it, because I knew once you started you'd be into everything. But you're such a good baby, it's been no trouble at all. You just hop up and get to were you want to go. I hardly ever see you crawl anymore. Even if you just want to go a few feet to get a squat, stand, walk over and then sit down by it. You love to carry things around with you while you walk too. It's usually toys and books. Just this week you've decided to give yourself more of a workout, and you've started carrying things bigger than you! The couch pillows and your plastic cookie jar toy.

You've still got a book in your hands 90% of the time. Just this week you've started to point at things in your books. Your Curious George Halloween book from Gigi & Papa is your favorite. You love to flip though the pages and point at George on each one. As long as you've got a book in church, you're such a good boy. We don't even take you to the nursery, because you just sit on our laps and read. After the service, someone always says "what a good baby, I didn't even hear a peep out of him."

You're perfect at going down for naps and bedtime. Although lately you've been getting up in the night for some reason, and Mommy is getting very tired! When it's time for bed we say "want to go night-night"? You just smile and wave both of your hands at Daddy. I hope you'll always be that happy to go to bed!

We are so excited for your first Christmas. You are going to love seeing all of your family and tearing into all of your gifts. We are so blessed to have such a happy, healthy baby boy. You seem to go with the flow no matter what the situation. Just the other day, Daddy said to me "we sure have a sweet baby boy." Sweet you are!

You have brought so much joy to our lives and


  1. I love all of these pictures of Barrett. He is a JOY.. We love him so much.

  2. what a little cutie & his whale tee is adorable.

  3. These are all such cute pics but I LOVE that first one!! What a great composition!!

    It was SO SO wonderful to see you and the little man yesterday!! Thanks for making time for us!!

    Enjoy this first Christmas with your sweet boy!

    Love ya!!

  4. Time sure does fly. He is completely precious, as always. Are you alreadying planning the Big 1 Year Party?!


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