Tuesday, December 2, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!

Today is my little brother, Brandon's 24th birthday!

Our birthdays are only a few days apart, so we've always celebrated together. We won't be able to see him today. He lives in Nebraska now, so Barrett sent him a birthday card in the mail with these pictures...

A little history on names in my family:
For some reason, my niece Emma started calling Brandon "Uncle Bobby" a few years ago and it's kinda stuck! So he's Uncle Bobby to Barrett too. Our family loves nicknames. I think they show how close-knit we are, and how much fun we have together. It started many, many years ago with my great-grandparents (my mom's maternal grandparents). We called them Mammy & Papa. Then when my older brother (first grandchild on my mom's side) was little, he started calling my mom's parents Mamo & Bapo. That's what they've always been to us. Even my friends call them Mamo & Bapo. When my brother's daughter, Emma Jean (first grandchild for my parents) was old enough to talk, she started calling my parents Gigi & Papa. My little Brother is Uncle Bobby, Justin is Uncle Wheat (a nickname he got from his grandpa when he was little-buckwheat), and I am Aunt Lala. Brian and Sarah are the only ones without nicknames, so I guess when Barrett starts talking, we'll see what he calls them. Whew...are we crazy or what?!?

Brian, Brandon & me
In the family camper...we went on so many fun family trips in this camper!!
Look how blond we all are

Brandon is a graphic designer for Cabela's in Sidney, Nebraska. He is all grown up with a career and he just bought his first house. We are so proud of him. We hope you have a great day, Brandon!! We love you!

Last Wednesday, we took Barrett on his first trip through the Isle of Lights! It is a huge drive-through Christmas light display in Island Park. It started 15 years ago, and new displays are added every year. After we pulled into the park, I climbed in the back, got Barrett of out of his carseat, and handed him up to Justin. Then I climbed back up front and held him on my lap so he could see all the lights. He LOVED it! This is him leaning on the dashboard looking out. Don't worry...the cars go 3 miles an hour in there and he was back in his seat before we were out of the park ;)

On Saturday, we hung our outdoor Christmas lights and decorated the front porch! This was the first year Justin didn't grumble while doing it. Not a single ba-humbug word was uttered out of his mouth!! I think his baby boy has changed him! Now he does everything for him.

It was too cold outside for Mr. B, so we did most of the work while he took his morning nap. After he got up, he helped us untangle the last string of lights.

Thanks for doing such a great job with the lights Daddy! You do pretty good at putting up with your perfectionist wife! Tonight, we'll put up the tree after Barrett goes to bed! I'm giddy with excitement!


  1. Family = Love = Christmas = Love

    I'm bad at math but I'm pretty sure it adds up! Happy Holidays, Belated Birthday and Brandon's Birthday too!

  2. Look how much hair Barrett has in the back!! It is really filling in!!

    Sounds like you guys had a nice holiday weekend!! The lights look so FUN!

  3. That's fun that your bdays are so close. My older sister and I are less than 1 year apart so we are the same age for 10 days. We loved having shared slumber birthday parties together when we were young! :)

    That light display looks so fun.

    Can't wait to see your Christmas decor. :)


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