Saturday, September 3, 2011

That's a wrap {Summer 2011 wrap up}

Thanks to my friend, Sky, all of my files were recovered from my old/dead MacBook!
So, I can finally catch up on a few of our Summer activities.
I had forgotten about some of the things we did and photos I took. They'd been trapped on my dead computer for so long.

So, as we celebrate the end of Summer this weekend...
I will post a wrap up of our summer activities & photos!!

We did a LOT of swimming and Gigi and Papa's pool.
Barrett loves the water, didn't complain a single time about wearing the vest
(I hope we can find one like this next year too...didn't rub his chin at all), and is one tan little fish!!

Barrett took several classes from the Arts & Humanities and Rec Center.
Super Heros, Wacky Water, Dora & Diego, Dinosaurs and swimming

Dora & Diego Class with his friend, Lydia!

Wacky Water

Swimming Lessons
This was the first year that Mommy didn't get in the pool with him. I was very nervous about how that was going to work. It wouldn't be so bad if parents could sit semi-close to the pool to observe. Where the kids could see them, and felt a bit more comfortable with the situation. BUT no, they are strick that parents aren't allowed by the pool. I sat back behind a big row of shrubs. I could hardly see Barrett, and he usually couldn't see me. It worked, but I wasn't too happy. After the first day, he did pretty good. I was happy to find out that Norah Kate was in his class, so that helped him feel a little more comfortable with it. All-in-all, he did really good. He didn't learn much, as it was mostly just free-play. That was okay with me. I was just happy with the step of letting mom be so far away :) 

We went to the 2011 Cowley County Fair!
It was we only made an appearance for one night.
(I also didn't "block off" the Fair on my portrait schedule, so I was bummed I had sessions EVERY night but one)

We took Barrett to the Demolition Derby on Thursday night and he LOVED LOVED LOVED it! While we were there we checked out the animals, and walked around. We didn't get to ride rides this year, since it was after 10pm when the Demo Derby was over, and there wasn't anyone around to ride with B. He was a little sad. 

We had picnics in the park...
and got a new Jeep =)

Barrett helped Papa with mowing!

We went on a weekend vacation to Table Rock Lake with Justin's family...

We relaxed, fished, cooked, went tubing and swam off the dock.

Mimi was the worm lady :)

The kids were catching little perch off the dock, right and left. They had a blast!

Barrett made us so proud and went tubing!!!
We had some issues with the tube loosing air. It kept getting pulled under the water, and we had to bail. But Barrett was a trooper. 

 Even Grandma went tubing!!

It was a great summer, but we are looking forward to FALL!!!!
AND we're still trying to sell our house before we loose the new place! Please say a little prayer, and if you know someone in the area that needs a cute little cottage, please send them our way!!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. FUN summer pictures! :) Love the ones with Justin, Barrett and the fish! :) Will send up prayers for your house to sell! Hang in there! :)

  2. I saw my little Jaxson in those wacky water pictures! It looks like they had so much fun!


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