Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIY-Powder Room makeover

Next up...the powder room!!!

The blue wallpaper, pedestal sink and bright gold accents were great, but....
We changed it up a little :)


Removing the wallpaper did bad things to the walls in this room. So we had to patch, sand and texture before painting. We replaced the pedestal sink with something the fit the space better, and gave us storage. Oil-rubbed bronze faucet, and a new mirror. We painted the outlet covers and floor vent with oil-rubbed bronze spray paint, and replaced the towel holder, toilet paper holder and wall sconces with oil-rubbed bronze ones. (The old gold towel holder-we sprayed with the oil-rubbed bronze paint and used in our master bathroom)

Uck...these pictures bring back bad memories!!!

Barrett even liked to scrape the wallpaper off :)

After all the paper was off, we sanded, patched, sanded again...
then taped the floor off and sprayed on the texture.

After the spray texture --->
Wall color: Sherwin Williams Mannered Gold


  1. Looks great! I don't know that I would DIM, cause that looks like a TON of work! Loving the new "sink area" Pedestals are nice but love the storage you created!

  2. I love it Laura! You are so proud of your home and it shows! I would love to see it sometime.
    Nancy Maier


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