Tuesday, March 6, 2012

mini vacation

In late February, we took a mini vacation!
A little getaway...a staycation. We all needed to get away. 
We'd been talking about it for a few weeks, but hadn't planned anything. So it was all a little last minute.

Justin came home for lunch on a Thursday, and told me he had Friday off work, since he'd logged so much overtime during his on-call week. I said let's go on our trip! He went back to work, and I got busy booking the hotel and packing our bags. I didn't tell Barrett anything about it. So when Justin got home from work, we told him we had a surprise for him...he was so excited!! Like his mom, he loves to stay in hotels :)

We checked into our hotel around 7pm. 

Then we headed to On the Border for dinner...

After dinner we took Barrett to the Alley for arcade games.
He was in Heaven!!

We stayed out late, and then slept-in the next morning!
Perfect vacation hours :)


Our little man crashed in the big bed...he's always the last one up in our house!

After he got up and dressed, he told us he had some "work to do at the desk."

Then we headed for some shopping, and lunch at a family favorite, Il Vicino.
They give kids a ball of dough to play with while you wait for your food. Barrett made a snowman with his.


After lunch we went across town to a new place one of my Wichita friends told me about.
(Barrett fell asleep on the way)

He picked out a race car bank. You pick out the piece you want to paint and the colors. 
They supply the paint brushes, paint, and do the cleanup and firing of your project!

They called us the other day to let us know that Barrett's car was ready!!

After painting, we had to stop in to Cold Stone Creamery!

 Our bellies were full, and we headed back home!
It was a great family getaway!!

NOW, this mama is counting down the days to my girls weekend getaway!!!
So ready!!

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