Friday, November 28, 2008

table for 16

Yesterday was our big Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house. I love holidays with my family and it was a wonderful way to spend my birthday. The table was set for 16. Mom has a beautiful dining room, but we decided to make a long table in the sun room so everyone could sit together instead of being divided up. We were missing my brother and his family, and my cousin Audrey and her fiance Bernie. We could have had a table for 22!

Aunt Clara & Hannah making the deviled eggs

Mamo & Aunt Clara making Mamo's (the BEST) dressing

We always have so much fun preparing the meal together. It doesn't seem like a lot of work when everyone is in the kitchen together. Mamo sits at the table, so she's ready to offer advice on her special recipes when needed. We have the Thanksgiving parades on TV while we work, and we always have cocktails! This year we had Mudslides and White Russians!! Yummy!

Waiting for everyone to gather around the table, so Mom could say the blessing

Uncle Doug pouring the wine

Uncle Doug was also in charge of opening the wine.
I have no idea how he did it, but the cork ended up INSIDE the bottle, in one piece.

After dinner, sitting around visiting

Our family tradition-Men do the dishes!
(it's been going on for about four years)
I'm not sure how it started exactly...the men do the dishes, while the women relax in the other room. We have some great men in our family, huh?!?

We had PLENTY of food, as always. But the best part of Thanksgiving for our family is eating again six or seven hours later; after the dishes are done, some take naps, some play catch outside, the ladies sit and visit for hours, and we all watch football games. Then we get all the leftovers back out. Cold stuff goes on one side of the sink, stuff to be heated on the other. We fill our paper plates and stand in line to use the microwave. There is always someone trying to cut in the microwave line! We all sit back down at the table, eat again and visit for a couple more hours. I love just sitting at the table with everyone, long after we're done eating. Last night our conversations turned to reminiscing about our great-grandparent's houses and the times we all spent there. Everyone had different memories. For my parents and aunts and uncles, they had stories from before we were around. For me, my little brother and my cousins, we shared stories from all the times we played together at our great-grandparents houses.

Barrett was so happy his Uncle Bobby came home for Thanksgiving.
We've missed him bunches!

Hannah Jean & Barrett

Jake & Barrett

Barrett had a wonderful FIRST THANKSGIVING! He was such a good boy at the dinner table and enjoyed his thanksgiving meal: Aunt Deb's mashed potatoes & noodles, Mamo' dressing, Gigi's blueberry salad, carrots and a few cheerios! It was another perfect Thanksgiving...great time with family, great food, and much to be thankful for!


  1. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving. I was very impressed with the table for 16. Wow! We had 14 this year but had to split into two rooms this year. Also love the men doing the dishes tradition - too great.

    Happy Belated Birthday!

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