Thursday, January 22, 2009

Birthday events

It's hard to believe after all the planning that Barrett's first birthday has already come and gone. He had a busy birthday weekend, but was such a good boy for it all! I was worried about nap schedules, since we had the party Saturday and another busy day Sunday...but he just seemed to go with the flow.

Sunday was his BIRTHDAY!!! After he woke up, I made him birthday pancakes...

No, we weren't playing Bingo! That's a "B" for Barrett, and a "1" for his 1st birthday! He thought they were pretty funny, and so did Daddy!

After his pancakes and playing with all his new birthday toys, he went down for a morning nap before church.

That morning he was baptized at church, and we were so glad to have Gigi & Papa, Grandma Sandy, Grandpa Everett, Grandma Jenny, Aunt Kim, Kylie and Emily all there to celebrate this wonderful occasion with us. Before church we stopped in the office to visit with the Pastors. Pastor Beth was excited to tell us that they had just gotten the new Baptismal Font in that week. This was special because it was purchased with memorial funds given in memory of Gennie Thomas. She was the grandmother of my friend, Amber. The baptismal was beautiful, and I was honored that Barrett was the first to be baptized with it.

The baptism seemed to be pretty long. I guess when you're just sitting in the congregation watching, it doesn't seem as long. I carried Barrett up to the alter, but was happy when he wanted to go to Daddy. I knew it would be easier for Justin to hand him off to Pastor Dave when it was time for the baptism. Barrett did such a good job. He just looked out at all the people and pointed, and studied Pastor Dave and Pastor Beth as they spoke. When it was time for Pastor Dave to take him, he looked a bit worried for a second, but he did great!

I was baptized on my first birthday!

After the service, we took a few pictures with all of the family.

Grandma Sandy, Kylie, Barrett, Emily & Aunt Kim

Papa, Barrett & Gigi

Kylie & Barrett

Barrett & Emily

Then we headed to Gambino's for a birthday lunch!

Barrett got a new book from Gigi & Papa.
Blessings Everyday: 365 devotions for the very young
We looked up his birthday's devotion

After church and lunch, the little man was ready for a nap, and so was Mommy! He took a great afternoon nap, and after he woke up, we headed to the park to feed the ducks.

It was a wonderful and special birthday! We hope you had a fun weekend of celebrations, Little Bear! We love you!!


  1. Exciting weekend. I am glad Barrett got to be the first baptized with the new baptismal.

  2. What a special day. I'm glad his baptism went well. :-)

  3. Sorry I am just now getting here to post! Things have been a tad bit crazy lately!!

    It looks like you guys had a WONDERFUL weekend full of happy memories and special moments!! I hope each year brings just as many amazing memories for you all!!

    And GREAT job on the party decor!! Love it all!!


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