Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'll play too :)

I follow the Four Little Men & Girly Twins blog, and have had fun seeing her random picture challenges. A couple of my friends have joined in on the fun this time, so I'll play too!

August 2007...30th picture

My niece, Lauren! She would have been four months here! This was a summer weekend at my parents' with all the family. Other pictures in the file show us all out by the pool (can't wait for those warm days to get here again)! I was pregnant with Barrett in August '07, and just starting to feel in, eat and not puke! I think that was the month I took my last pill for the sickness. Ahh...good times!

Join the fun! Post your RaNdOm picture!


  1. Look at what a little chunk she was!! My kids were the same way...and now there is pretty much NO baby fat left on them! Kinda makes me sad to be honest!!

    Hope you are staying warm and doing well!!

    Our little "suite" is getting smaller by the day! I am sure the fact that we have been sick and haven't been out much in the last two days is a contributing factor to that!!


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