Monday, February 16, 2009

is it just me...

...or does anyone else with kids have a major complex for keeping toys picked up?!?!

I love my baby boy, but the day we started planning for his arrival, our house started shrinking. Babies come with a LOT of stuff, but after his first Christmas and first birthday, the toys took over :) I'm not a huge fan of having our family room lined with a rocking horse, 4-wheeler and baskets full of books, cars and little toys. NOT because I don't love my baby boy and want him to have anything and everything he can to make him happy. Because I'm a nut, and having them scattered and not in their place drives me bananas. It's a complex! Every time I put Barrett down for a nap I come back out to the family room and pick up every single toy and put them all back in the exact place they go. Justin's "job" while I'm putting Barrett down at night is to clean up the toys. I'm such a nut, that I come back out and feel the need to 'fix' his work! I start rearranging the book basket...because they're not in there largest books in the back to smallest in the front! He'll ask "What are you doing...I already cleaned things up"? Sorry honey, I can't help it! I won't be able to sleep if I know the books are out of order and the rocking horse isn't sitting in the corner at just the right angle! B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

My bathroom is not always spotless, there is dust on the dresser in our bedroom, and our office is currently in need of organization. Heck, the whole house is not always spotless, so WHY do I obsess daily about toys?!?


  1. This CRACKED me up! As in laughing out loud!! But simply because I can relate!! Totally and 100%!!

    When it was just Huntler, I was REALLY bad. Really, really bad! Chris would try to help but like you, I had to redo everything because it just wasn't quite know, the angle of a certain toy or the books being out of order!

    And then, well, then Gentry came along and we moved just eight weeks later and my life was forever changed! I can't keep up with the tornadic activity of them both, although I do try!! Funny that you posted this today because just before lunch I was cleaning up mess #453 for the day and I was thinking, "I should so do a post and call it The Best of Both Worlds." I can't seem to have a spotless house AND completely content children at the same time! It is one or the other and most of the time, the house loses!!

  2. Too funny. Although we don't have kids yet I can totally imagine myself doing the same exact things. I hate random things lying around and we too won't have any extra room for all of the stuff that comes along with babies/kids. We don't even have room for all of our stuff!

    I think I'll probably drive myself crazy. And just like Justin, I just know that Roger won't understand my need for cleaning up all the little messes. ;)

  3. Oh sweetie I am OCD too the biggest challenge for me after I began having Carlee help with chores was to accept and appreciate the help even though it wasnt MY way. Appreciate the help, get the little one to help your well with a consultation gift and hug your hubby tight and just say nighty nite

  4. I TOTALLY RELATE TO YOUR POST ABOUT TOYS!!!!! :) I too can be a little "crazy" about how the toys need to be picked up routinely 4 to 5 times a day...and most importantly before bed time!!! I'll spend 30 minutes before they head off of bed making them pick up every little truck, toy blocks, millions of pieces of toy food from the play kitchen upstairs, etc!!!!! So are not alone!!!!! :)
    p.s. I always "re-do" Jim's pick up job!!! :)

  5. It used to bother me a lot more than it does now. In fact, now that the boys are almost 12 and 9, it's just new stuff to pick up and/or trip over! Actually there are days it drives me crazy and other days, I just roll with it. Go with Alicia's advice..take the help where you can and be grateful it wasn't you doing it!!!

  6. Laura, just let it go!!! The more you add to your family, they more mess there will be. My mom always used to say boring people have immaculate houses. Hummm, think about that! :)

  7. OMG!! Erin i have a magnet on my fridge that was my grandmothers that has that EXACT quote on it!!

  8. I used to be much worse about this when Kelton was a baby. I wanted the right things in the right baskets, books lined up just right, etc, etc. Now, I'm just happy if they all make it into basket or hell even a pile at the end of the night. I wish I still cared more, but I can't find the energy. LOL


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