Sunday, February 15, 2009


Nothing starts a Valentine's morning off better than hearing your baby boy jabbering (probably having an important conversation with his monkey, George) down the hall. I got him up and brought him into our bed for some cuddling. Then I made heart pancakes! My dad always made special pancakes for holidays, birthdays and even just because. I remember them all...the "L's", Micky Mouses, pink hearts, green shamrocks, snowmen and more! It was so fun to come out to the kitchen and find him making these special pancakes. It's a tradition I've already started to carry on with my family. (Remember the "1" pancakes?) My dad would have made pink hearts, but I was using a yummy mix my sister-in-law, got me for Christmas...Pumpkin! So our hearts were orange this year, and very delish!

Barrett loved his pancake! He ate every bite!

Barrett got lots of Valentines from his friends, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles! This was a cookie his got from his friend, Norah Kate.

Barrett got some new books, Daddy got some M&M's and mommy got some pink tulips! It was a simple Valentine's at our house, but everyone was happy! We ate lunch with all of Justin's family, then Justin and I went to the casino for a couple hours. while Barrett stayed with Gma and Gpa. I wasn't lucky, but Justin came home with a little more than he went with.

One of our favorite slots...Shakin' Bacon

Last night, Barrett went to Gigi and Papa's while Justin and I went out for a romantical dinner! There's not much to choose from in our little town. So the restaurant we ended up at was packed! We waited an hour for a table, then it was another hour to eat. Oh well, we didn't have anywhere to be. Others weren't so patient! We witnessed a few unhappy customers and overheard a lots of "I need to talk to you manager." Anyway...we had my favorite spin dip and chips, and shared a double order of fajitas! It was a wonderful V-Day!


  1. That second picture is DARLING!! Seriously!! He looks so darn ornery!! Cutie patootie!!

    It sounds like you guys had a nice day...full of love and memories!! Would you believe that I have NEVER gambled before?!! Crazy, I know!!

    Anyway, glad you had a nice weekend! I'll try to get you emailed back soon!!

  2. What a great Vtines day. The heart shaped pancakes look so good - especially since they are pumkin pancakes.

    Love the pink tulips. I enjoy tulips way more than roses anyday!

    Can't believe it's Monday already. Have a great week!

  3. Very pretty tulips! We were all sick Valentine's weekend. :(

    I cannot wait to eat dairy again because I really really miss that dip. I will confess to eating there like once a week since it's literally a hop, skip and a jump from my office.


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