Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who needs REAL toys?!?!

I don't need expensive toys!
Give me a stainless steel bowl, wire whisk, wooden spoon and plastic lid...
and I'm ECSTATIC!!

We had a blast playing around with these old fashioned toys yesterday! He's such a HAM!!

Isn't it the truth? Kids have all these fancy, high-tech, talking, spinning, musical, rocking toys...and all they really want to play with are things that are NOT toys! Barrett has always been a fan of remotes, cell phones, the cordless house phone and plastic lids. Most recently, he's discovered the camera! I was trying to take some super cute video of him sitting on his four-wheeler yesterday making "vrroom, vrroom" noises, but every time he saw me hold up the camera, he would get off and come over to try and snatch it!


  1. Kitchen stuff is so fun. Hadley loves the cabinet full of rubbermaid containers so I added a few other things and now she knows that is her cabinet.

  2. So cute Laura! I've made the mistake of giving mine some pots and pans with wooden spoons to bang on...WHAT what I thinking!?!?

  3. Isn't that funny how much fun they can have with kitchen stuff??!! My 3 year old still gets in the bowl cabinet and plays. He get the blender out and somehow creates himself a little farm. It's too cute. Hundred's of dollars worth of toys and he plays with a rubber bowl!
    Have a great day!

  4. I LOVE IT! My boys LOVED playing with jar lids, bowls, measuring cups, wooden spoons, etc. Aaaawwww I miss those days!

  5. I heard that the stick was recently inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame, seriously. Bowls may be next!

    And Barrett looks too darn cute with his front teeth coming in. :-)

  6. That's too cute! My daughter still loves to play with bowls and whisks. She has her own pretend kitchen stuff, but the real stuff is better!


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