Friday, June 19, 2009

17 months

HAPPY 17 months, Little Bear!!!

Didn't I JUST write the "16 months" post?!?! Maybe it just seems like yesterday, since I was so late writing it, AND I haven't been posting very often lately!

Yesterday {June 18, 2009} marked another monthly milestone for you. You're growing and changing so much with each one that passes.

I went in to check on you before I went to bed last night...
You looked so peaceful and sweet. I couldn't resist a picture. What a beautiful boy!

Playing with Daddy's hat while I got dressed this morning

In the last month, you've really become a jabber box. Using all kinds of new words, and sometimes just jabbering in your own language. One of your favorite new words: Uh-oh! You are climbing like a monkey too!! You've become a pro and getting on and off the couch. You love to find a toy or book and take it up on the couch. You look like a little man sitting up there "reading" important stuff. Your *new* trick is climbing up on the dining room table! Oh my! The first time it happened (about a week ago), I was in the kitchen getting your lunch ready and realized you were being awfully quiet. So I peeked around the corner to see you up on the table with the salt and pepper shakers in your hands! I can't turn my back on your for a second...because you are FAST! If one of the chairs is out, you'll just pull right up in it and up you go! I've also watched you climb into your booster seat. Yes, little man, I have my hands full with you. You're ALL BOY!!

Last weekend we took a long car ride (5 hours) to visit Aunt Jenn in Scott City. We rode in Papa's car, and you were such a good little traveler. The DVD player helped with that...but it started an obsession with "The Backyardigans." You've never really watched much tv, as I'd rather you play with toys and read...but one day we found a cute "Backyardigans" show on and you loved it. All the singing and dancing had you mesmerized! So, we decided to find a "Backyardigans" dvd for the long trip. Since getting back home, you've started pointing at the tv and whining...and when someone says "Backyardigans" you giggle and smile. What have we done?!?!

Here you are enjoying an episode with Kylie & Emily

While in Scott City, we stayed with Aunt Jenn's mom (Deb) and dad (Mike), and Uncle Bobby came down from Nebraska. They had such a nice house, with plenty of room for all of us. You slept great in our basement room, and had fun playing outside on their back patio. On Saturday, we went to Aunt Jenn's bridal shower. We were only there for about 30 minutes before you decided to get cranky, so we walked back and I put you down for a nap. The long car ride had worn you out.

you loved being outside, playing on the deck steps
and with a tractor Deb brought out for you.

Jenn & Papa

Daddy and Uncle Bobby helping Mike work on his outdoor fireplace
( I want one of these!!)

On Sunday morning, Daddy got up really early (5am) to go with Uncle Bobby and Mike to get coffee, and then to the stockyard to check on cattle. It's his business, and something he gets up every morning to do. After they got back, we all headed out to go visit their ranch. It was too muddy, so we decided to drive around the Scott City lake instead. We were also able to stop by Camp Lakeside. This is where Mommy went to horse camp when she was in 7th or 8th grade. I have such great memories from this camp! So FUN that Aunt Jenn went to the same camp! We had a good time driving by the cabins and stables and reminiscing!!

Jenn & Bobby at the Lake

Daddy & Bobby wrestling...I ask them to stand together for a picture,
and this is what they did! Boys will be boys.

I'm looking forward to another fun month with you, Little Bear!
I Love you to the moon and back, Mommy

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