Friday, June 12, 2009

this time last year...

Well, my MacBook is still DEAD! The power adapter quit working over a week ago, so it stopped charging and died! I have been so LOST without it. All of my invite and photography designs for clients are on there. AND...I still haven't been able to download and edit pictures from my cousins wedding, or from the fun little photoshoot I had last Sunday evening. I'm {praying} the new adapter comes today, so I'll be back up and running!

While I'm without my "baby", the dear old Dell in the office is getting some attention. I'm organizing and backing-up picture files. So, I thought I'd take a look back at how different our life was last year at this time.

June 2008...Barrett was almost five months.

THEN: We would go out to Gigi & Papa's pool and Barrett would just lay on a blanket and roll around.
NOW: We go to Gigi & Papa's pool and Barrett runs around and loves to get in the water, even when it's freezing! We will be keeping a VERY close eye on him this year.


THEN: In early June, we tried baby food, and he was NOT a fan! Later in the month, he was a little more interested. He sat in his Bumbo and Daddy fed him from a spoon.

NOW: Most days, he loves to eat...fruit, veggies, meat, bread, anything and everything! He graduated from the Bumbo to a highchair, and is now in his "big boy" booster at the table with us. He feeds himself from a spoon.


THEN: He was a pretty good napper. Sleeping about 1 to 1-1/2 hours in the morning and afternoon. He wasn't standing (not sure about sitting up on his own-I don't think he was yet), so his mattress was high.

NOW: He is an awesome napper. Sleeping at least 2 hours in the morning and afternoon. He stands up and walks around in his bed, talking to George. His mattress is as low as it goes.


THEN: We would spend our days playing on the family room floor on the quilt that Aunt Audra made him. He would scoot around, but never got too far away. We still had our coffee table in the room.
NOW: He runs around the house all day long, destroying everything in his path!! Okay...maybe it's not that bad, but some days it seems like it! We still sit on the family room floor and read and play together, but most of the time, he's on the move. We moved the coffee table into our bedroom in November, when he was starting to walk. It made me nervous to have it out, and now we like having the big ottoman there instead, so we still haven't brought the table back in.


THEN: We would hold him while we watched Kylie and Emily play softball, and he would fall asleep in Grandma Sandy's arms.
NOW: He wants to run around with all the other kids and claps for his cousins.


THEN: He was fascinated with the remote control!
NOW: He's fascinated with the remote control!

*****THEN: He would lay on a blanket in the hall outside the bathroom, and play with books and toys while Mommy got ready in the mornings.
NOW: He runs from the bathroom to our bedroom to his bedroom playing with his toys and opening every drawer and cabinet he can find.


THEN: He would fall asleep on my shoulder while I was holding him.
NOW: {sniffle, sniffle} Unless he's completely pooped, my baby boy only falls asleep in his bed. I don't get to rock him anymore.


THEN: I would load up the car every morning...Bumbo, Diaper bag, work bag, purse, breastpump and baby...and head drop Barrett off at my mom's or at Kim's while I went to work.
NOW: I load Barrett in the car most mornings, and we head to playgroup, storytime, Sing & Sign or just out to meet friends at the park.


THEN: Barrett took his baths in the kitchen sink. Then he would lay on the floor and smile at us while we lotioned him up and put him in his jammies.
NOW: Barrett takes his baths in the big boy tub. He Plays with his boat and all his toys, and splashes around. Then he wiggles and squirms all over the place while we try to lotion him up and put on his jammies. Most of the time he escapes after the lotioning, and runs around naked!

WOW...what a difference a year makes. My baby boy is growing up and changing so fast. I am thankful for every day, and every memory. I love you Little Bear!


  1. It is hard to believe that was just a year ago. Time does fly! Love all the pictures. Praying that your get your cord in the mail today...

  2. This about made me cry. Why do they grow up so fast? What great memories you have preserved in this blog. I need to get better at getting this stuff all down in my blog. Barrett is such a cutie. This post was fun to read.

  3. What a great post, Laura. They do grow and change so fast, nearly in the blink of an eye.

  4. you are so good with this. i wish i had kept better track of the boys' changes over the years.. this is such a great idea! oh.. and we need to get together sometime and shoot some photos!!! i have a wedding in October and i might need a second photographer... would you be interested?


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