Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Activities

Our Summer activities are in full swing. The past two weeks have been busy, busy...with one thing after another. You went to "Sing & Sign" three days a week, and playgroup on Tuesdays.
Here are some pictures Gigi took of your last day at music class....

Here we are with Aunt Megan and Norah Kate, and Aunt Audra and Lydia

Here we are last summer

Look how much they've changed!

Next week we'll get to tryout storytime at the library, and have a special playdate with our friends, Lydia and Norah Kate.

The last two weeks, I have been teaching some classes at the Art Center (where I was the executive director until last August). My favorite part about the job was always the summer classes, so I knew I wanted to help with a couple this year too. Here are some of the things I did with the kids last summer. Megan and I joined up to teach "Detective in Training" and "Winfield Idol." We've been doing these two classes for several summers. They are so much fun, and the kids really seem to enjoy them. Here are some pictures from the last day of Detective, when we had our big treasure hunt.

One of our detectives using her decoder watch to decipher a clue.

Barrett hung out with Aunt Kim during the hunt.
It was great to have her help over the past two weeks.
She would play outside with Barrett, since I had both Kylie and Emily in class.

The kids found ice cream cones at the end of their hunt.
Barrett got to enjoy one too!

AND some pictures from our final performances at Winfield Idol today. We had some great singers this year. As always, Megan's husband was Ryan Seacrest, and some of the other Summer teachers were our judges: Randy, Paula and Cara.

I've also been helping with Vacation Bible School this week. I volunteered to be the Arts & Crafts leader this year, and it was so much fun...a lot of work, but fun. I love that four churches in our community joined together to have VBS in the park. It met every evening this week, from 6-8pm. Our theme was Camp E.D.G.E. {experience + discover God everywhere}, and the "campers" got to participate in crafts, music, storytime, discovery zone, recreation and snacks. I have great memories of Summer VBS from my younger days, and I always remember my mom being there helping too. It's fun to get to know all the kids, and I look forward to helping again in the future, especially when Barrett Russell is a VBS camper!

Now, off to get some rest! The past two weeks have drained me! I'm looking forward to more low-key days next week.

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