Thursday, July 2, 2009

pretty in polka dots

Ahh...she was so pretty in her polka dots.
Blond curls glowing with the evening sun setting behind her.

I was a {tiny} bit nervous as I headed to the park to meet the "R" Family, for a photo shoot. They were the first clients I've had that were total strangers to me! They were such a sweet family and warmed up to the camera fast.

Kyra is 18 months old, and loved the camera much more than my Mr. B!

Her sister, Kyli, was turning 10 the day after I took these pictures. Her red hair was so beautiful, and she loved the camera just as much.

Thanks for letting me capture your girls' milestones and your beautiful family.


  1. Oh Laura! I so love your pictures and want to schedule a session with you! How much do you charge? and would you AT ALL be willing to do a trade for goods/services? (I bake bread, make laundry soap, sew slings, could even babysit- if you were comfortable with that.) We're just on a really tight budget, but would like to get a family picture!! My email is

  2. you are a natural with that camera. Great pics!


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