Monday, July 20, 2009

RaNdoM...and long

* So, Friday was pretty much one of the worst days of my life since the first trimester of my pregnancy with Barrett. I was swamped with trying to finish up invite orders before our vacation, and noticed my printer was starting to put a thin black line on all my print-outs. This is a major problem when people are paying you to print their wedding invites, programs, menus, etc. After two hours on the phone with Dell, and running all kinds of tests on my printer. They determined I needed a replacement part for the drum. Sounds simple, right? NO...not simple, because my warranty was up. I'd purchased the HUGE printer in late 2006. In order to get the part, I'd have to extend my warranty so that a tech could come out and replace the part. Apparently the cost of doing that would have been over $250, so they told me "it would be best to just buy a new printer, since mine was so old anyway." WHAT!?! Since when is 2-1/2 years old? $590.00 later, I'm the proud owner of a new printer. NOT what I had in mind for all the profits I've made the last couple months.

After that nightmare, I called my mom and Justin to vent. Then I decided I was going to have to just keep printing and hope the line would fade. I had a program and menu order that needed to be shipped out to New Jersey by Saturday morning, for a Friday wedding. I finished up all of the programs and things were going okay, until the printer quit! With 50 menus left to print, it was telling me that the drum needed replaced. Thankfully my dad has a very similar color laser at his office, so I met him there at 10 p.m. to finish up the last few. Things kept going downhill though. His printer didn't want to suck up my paper, and when it finally did, it was turning everything yellow!

Thankfully I did get them finished and in the mail to NJ Saturday morning. Now I'm hoping my printer comes today, so I can finish up the order I have waiting. I'm going to have an ulcer!!

* I just watched the last episode of 16 & Pregnant, and I was balling my eyes out! The teenage couple was giving the baby up for adoption. It was heart-wrenching. By the time it was over, I had a headache from crying so much!!

* Are you one of those people that has to have the house clean, the beds all made, the dishes all washed, and the floors vacuumed, before you leave town for vacation? I am...and it's not helping with my already high stress levels! {Justin always asks if I'm cleaning for the burglars} At least I went to 6am spinning today, so that helped get me kick-started and motivated for the day. Now, I need to start packing soon. I keep adding things to the list, but I haven't officially started. It's so much harder with a toddler. They require so much stuff!!

* Here are a few of the invitation designs I've been working on the last couple months.

With all of the portrait sessions I've been doing, I've ordered many of these proof books for clients! I just love them. The printing company I use is wonderful and these books are a perfect way for clients to see all of their session and order prints, and they're great little books to tuck in your purse and show off to friends and family! I need one!

* I am really thinking about starting a business blog. I love sharing all of my designs and portrait session sneak peeks on here, but I want to get back to the main reason I started this blog..a digital scrapbook for our family and Barrett. I feel like I haven't been posting enough of that lately. True, I haven't really had much spare time, but it's something I'm willing to make the time for in order to keep the two more separate. My photography adventure seems to be taking off like crazy, and want to have a spot to share all that's going on with that. Where I can announce upcoming specials, prices, and other details. I do have an Elephant Juice Designs website. But I don't want to cram it too full of information. It's more of a showcase and client proofing spot. Does anyone out there use Wordpress, or know anything about it? Any advice on how their blogs work? I'm pretty sure that's the route I'll have to go for a more professional looking blog.

* I've gotten a few fun new finds! Mom and I found this basket at Hobby Lobby while we were getting things for my little brother's rehearsal dinner. It was on sale for $5.00. It is perfect for newborns, because it's so soft.

Then I found this basket at a garage sale on Saturday for $2.00! I got out to run to the post office and bank, and just stopped at one sale really quick. I'm glad I did. It's perfect for cradling newborns. I used it at both of my newborn sessions on Sunday, but I still need to work on what angles work best with it.

*I FINALLY got a camera strap! You might remember this post from awhile back (holy cow, it was late February!!), when I was trying to decide what strap to get. Well, I stressed about it way too spent over an hour on Etsy going back and forth between fabrics and designers! Then one of my favorite blogs, Prop Insanity, had a feature post on straps and the designer {designs by Jessie} was offering free shipping and a free lens cap pocket on the strap! It was the *kick* I needed to just order one already!!

* Why do I finally feel like being productive around the house, when I have a million things to do for my business? On Friday (same day that I had a load of invite orders due, a portrait session, and a mental breakdown) I had the urge to organize our bedroom closet and clean out the dresser drawers! Maybe I was just trying to work off some of that frustration from my two hour conversation with Dell!

* Summer TV:: Anyone else addicted to summer reality shows like I am? I watch too much TV; but I admit it, I'm okay with it, and there's no way I could give it up! Okay, I'm sure I could give it up if I had to, but unless I go on Survivor in the Fall, that's not happening! it bad that I'm already excited about the Bachelorette tonight??

The Bachelorette: Ed was one of my favorites from the beginning! He's adorable...but it seemed a little too easy for him to just leave her behind for his career. AND, I'm not really sure what to think about those ridiculously short shorts he was wearing last week, and how comfortable he looks with his legs crossed.

Bachelor Ed...I just saw on the website he's only 29. I'm starting to feel old.
Everyone on these shows is now my age or younger!

Bachelor Kiptyn...if you're curious, he's 31.

Wes (not in the running anymore), probably the most hated bachelor of all time.
I know he was a total jerk, supposedly having a girlfriend back home.
I'm ashamed to say...I had a {tiny} little crush on him! Well, only during the
first few episodes when he acted a little more like a gentleman.

Big Brother 11: This just started last week, and it is a major commitment to watch. It's on like three days a week! Thank goodness for DVR, or I'd miss it all the time. It always takes a couple weeks to really get good and drama-filled. I don't really have a favorite yet this season, but Jeff is my favorite to look at :)

Design Star: I guess my degree in Interior Design makes this show a lot of fun to watch. It started last night, but I haven't had time to watch yet, and I'm sure Justin will want me to wait for him! He probably didn't want me to tell you that though! So, I'll have to tell you my favorites later. to be productive while Barrett is still napping! My new printer isn't here yet, but I have plenty of paper cutting and packing to keep my busy! Have a wonderful Monday! Here's to hoping this week is a million times better than last week was!!


  1. After you get a chance to watch Design Star, take a look at my recap (warning: SPOILERS!):


  2. I have to have the house all cleaned when I leave town too. It's funny b/c I don't have to have my bed made during the day when I'm home, but it has to be made when I'm leaving town. Kind of silly we add all this cleaning to a TO DO list that is already a mile long when trying to leave town. Good luck! Oh, and yes, I'm very excited about Bachelorette tonight....I like Ed too. And no one could ever ever pay me to buy one of Wes's albums! I DO think that was a total setup by ABC and a little of me thinks that Jillian knew about it too. Who knows!

  3. What printing company do you use?

  4. Okay, so first of all, I just have to comment on Ed's shorts!! You made me laugh remembering last week's episode! What in the world was he thinking wearing those shorty things? Good grief!! I would be mortified if Chris ever tried to go out of the house in something like those, let alone on national TV!! I'll be anxious to see who she picks next week!

    I don't watch any of the other shows you mentioned, but believe me, our DVR is loaded up with all sorts of reality TV fun!! I need to find Design Star and set it to record that one too! I am sure I would love it!

    And as for our house being clean when we go out of town...yes and no! I used to want EVERYTHING done. Dusted, swept, mopped...all of it! Now I just settle for hitting the high (meaning SUPER high!) spots and getting as much done as I can! With kids it is just too hard to get everyone and everything packed and do all the cleaning on top of it!

    Last but not least....sorry to hear about your day Friday. What a horrible day!! I KNOW how frustrating computers and printers can be. I get irritated with ours all the time and have to wait on super smart Chris to get home to take care of everything I messed up!! Although I could not live without technology, it is more frustrating than words can express at times!!

    I owe ya an email...I'll get to it! But first I have to edit some pics and blog my sweetie girl's three year session! Hope you are having a MUCH better day!!

    Chat soon! Love ya!

  5. Whew! Sounds like a vacation is much needed for you!! Enjoy! I too am loving all the reality TV on right now. Although, I didn't see who Jillian picked... have they had the episode yet? I have my meeting tonight so I'll miss it. I noticed your strap the other day it's really cute!!

  6. I am so glad you noticed Ed's incredibly short shorts too! Jason and I were in shock! I always like to have the house clean before we go on vacation too-I think it is because I know that when I get back I will be trying to catch up on other things that if the house is clean then that is at least one less thing to worry about. I need to get in touch with you soon-I'll call or email.

  7. I am so glad that someone else cried while watching the latest episode of 16 and Pregnant. I was so mad at the girl's mom because she kept trying to discourage them from giving the baby up for adoption. Those were two mature and brave teenagers. I held Sophia that whole time I watched the show.

    I am totally addicted to summer reality tv. I am actually embarassed by some of the shows I watch. I guess that is what maternity leave will do. Hopefully I will still be able to keep up now that I am back at work.

    I have gotten tons of compliments on Sophia's announcements. Everyone loves them! A few people have asked for your info so hopefully you will get some business from them.


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