Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yum, it's snowing!

We're having snow day after snow day around here!

On one hand, I'm sick of it.
Our normal routine is way off....
Activities are being canceled, and mommy does not want to drive around in it unless I have to.

On the other hand, I love it.
I'm blessed to run my business out of my home, and stay home all day with Barrett.
We don't have to get out in it if we don't want to. God Bless all those that have to.
We feel so bad every freezing cold morning when Daddy has to leave for work.
It's kinda nice to have an excuse to just stay in by the fire in your jammies all day.
I DO get dressed if I have clients stopping by to pick up orders. It kinda makes me feel human again =)

When daddy got home from work yesterday, we joined him outside to "help" with the shoveling.

Barrett lasted about 5 minutes, and then we were headed back inside.
We scooped up a bowl of fresh (non-yellow) snow, and made some snow ice cream.
It seems to be all the rage in blogland lately, so we had to try it too!

Thanks to my friend, Amber, for the recipe!
Our last snow was beautiful and powdery, and made for awesome ice cream. I loved it!

I'm pretty sure he was crying because he wanted to add m&m's to the whole mixture.
I told him he had to wait to add it to just his bowl. Traumatic, huh?!?

So, for now, we're enjoying the snow days.
Before long it will all be melted away, and Spring will be here!
We'll be out playing on the back patio, walking to the park, and driving to Sonic Happy Hour with the windows down....ahhhh!!!

One more picture to leave you with....
After my mini Valentine shoot with Barrett the other day, he likes having me take his picture.
(We'll see how long that lasts)
He wanted to take a few with my camera. I didn't want to, but I let him, so he would stop screaming.
Then he wanted me to take a picture of him and tiny monkey.
Sweet boy!


  1. YUM! Smart boy wanting the M&Ms!

  2. Traumatic? Try dramatic... Wonder who he gets that from? tee hee! :)

  3. Looks like a fun time. Wish we could live closed and have snow days together.

  4. We've been having crazy snow day after crazy snow day here too. Like you, I'm so glad that we don't have to go out in it - although I've become a hermit this winter, especially now that I've discovered free postal pick-up from the postal service. So nice.

    That snow ice cream sounds so yummy. Going to have to try that. Love Barrett playing out in the snow in his jammies - we did the same with Gabe as he (and mommy) have also been having a lot of pj days.

    Love the last picture of Barrett. What a sweet little guy. :)


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