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I obviously missed Tuesday, so here is just {ten}
Happy Wednesday!

{1} 3 year shoot

So, Barrett turned three almost a month ago...and I have yet to do his three-year pictures. What a horrible photographer mommy I am!! Actually, I've been waiting for some nice weather, so we can do something fun outside. I don't really want snowy pics. 

I ordered him this shirt.
I have visions of doing his pictures at the fire station in front of the shiny red trucks! BUT, I haven't called them yet. I'm still thinking. Maybe I'll get that done this week or next, while we're having this amazing weather!

{2} pampers rewards

Does anyone else collect Pampers Gifts to Grow points. I got a little behind...okay, way behind. Barrett hasn't even worn diapers since early August, and I had a cup full of these things. I use my points to get free hard back Shutterfly books, so I made myself enter them all in, and collect my points! I've got enough for an 8x8 book. Just need to decide what I want to make a book of.

{3} business
Although I haven't been to busy shooting during January and February, I have been busy behind the scenes of my business. Updating the website with current images, pricing, etc. I also released a new SENIOR SITE recently, which I am very excited about! 


I am also busy working on one of my favorite events for my business. My Mini Session weekends!! This Spring I will have my third mini session event. I love everything from designing the web and print advertisements to planning to location and details. I hope to release the complete details on it all soon to my patiently waiting clients. 

{4} a favorite
Just for fun...a shot from my shoot yesterday with six month old Jacob! February has been really slow for shoots, especially with all the snow days and sick days. So I was anxious to get back behind the camera yesterday. This is one of my favorite shots from the day!

See, even that old hand-me-down gold chair from Grandma can make a great backdrop!

Here's a pull-back shot of the set up (and my two little helpers...Barrett loved baby Jacob).
Baby sitting in middle of greenish-goldish chair.
Natural light coming in from my right, creating amazing big catch-lights in his eyes.

{5} Valentine's
Barrett gave out Valentine bookmarks this year to all his little friends. He loved the day. Lots of friends stopped by to give him treats, and he thought that was pretty neat. This year was the 15th (I think) Valentine's Day that Justin and I have celebrated together. We went out to dinner and to see Just Go With It on Saturday night, to avoid the Monday crowd.  I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. On Monday, we just had a quiet evening at home. We got each other Bluegrass tickets, and made dinner together. After Barrett went to bed, Justin made Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes! An annual tradition for us!

{6} TV
If you don't know by now, I'm a major reality tv junkie. I admit I watch way too much...but I'm okay with that. My work day is from 9pm-2 or 3am, so it's just what I do while I work!
Some of what I'm watching now:
*Bachelor- I have always watched this. Drama at it's best, and I just can't tear myself away. I don't have a favorite this time though, so I could care less who he picks.

*American Idol-Considered not even watching this season, because I was in mourning that Ellen and Simon left, but I'm glad I have been. I actually love Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez! I am excited for tonight's Hollywood week episode, and ready for the competition to start!

my favorites...we'll see if they even make it through Hollywood week:

 Amazing story...rooting for him.

Another amazing story, and I love her unique sound!

Okay, I'm obviously really suckered in by the stories!
This guy was diagnosed with tourette syndrome when he was younger, but when he sings it all goes away. Rooting for him too.

My cowboy pick!

She's my pick to win it all :)
And she reminds me of one of my friends!

 Last one!

{7} My walls
I just ordered 3 standout mounts of Barrett for my walls! I hope to have them later this week, and can't wait to get them up! I'll have to share pictures later. I used the images from his 2-1/2 year session in Colorado this summer. Some of my favorites of 2010.

{8} Blog book
Yep, two months into 2011, and I have NOT finished my 2010 blog book. Not even close. Despite thinking I could stay on top of it (unlike 2008 and 2009), I didn't. So, I need to finish slurping about half of 2010, and get the book ready to print. I'm hoping they will announce a SALE to get me in gear!

{9} Spring
I'm dreaming of Spring weather and clothes. I want to shop for cute spring shoes. My friend Amanda just did a really fun post on SPRING COLORS & FASHION. Check it out, it will get you inspired too! Who wants to go shopping?!?!

{10} They joy of having boys...
Remember my cute ottoman tray? The one that was part of my favorite things! (#1 shown below)

Well, it is no more! My boys were playing basketball or football in the living room one evening, and Justin fell right back on it...CRACK! I tried not to cry. That's been several weeks ago, and I still haven't found a replacement tray. If you see any, please let me know!

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  1. SUCH a fun post!!! I have TOO many comments I think.

    1. I sure hope those fireman let you - even though my dad's gone, I still know many of them, so you just tell me if they give you hassle! And just so you know, I will be SUPER SUPER jealous of Barrett with the fire trucks - and will DREAM of when I can do that with Mason. Even though Papa isn't a chief anymore.

    2. Bachelor - i'm in love with Emily! Being married to a Nascar fan, I knew that story from the day the plane crash happened. But I don't know if I really care that Brad picks her - I just want her to be happy!

    3. I feel the same about AI - loving those new judges and LOTS of your favs are mine too! But did I see that John Wayne didn't make it in Hollywood? Lauren is my #1!!!

    4. Thanks for the link to my fashion post!

    5. You better let me know if there is a deal at blurb soon - I need to order my book soon, but need a deal!! I don't seem to be getting emails from them anymore - at least it's been awhile!

    Enjoy this fabulous day!


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