Tuesday, March 8, 2011

27 or 28 celebrations

I don't typically blog about birthdays of friends and family here.
Or that's all I'd be doing =)

 But this is one of my favorite pictures, so I thought I'd share it today...
My childhood best friend, Megan, is celebrating her 31st birthday today.
(she's a few months younger than me, so I can tell her age)

Got me thinking...we've been friends for so many years,
this is probably our 27th or 28th year celebrating birthdays with each other!

It's crazy to think that Barrett and Norah Kate are almost the age we were when we took this picture!
What a blessing to still have Megan as one of my best friends, all these years later.
Barrett and I treated her (and Norah Kate and Callum) to drinks and muffins at College Hill Coffee this morning.

Happy Birthday, friend!!


  1. When we were in elementary school your brother Brian and Megan's sister Erin and I were all good friends. We are a BIT older than you girls but I remember when you and Megan were just little ones like in this picture!! What fun memories from childhood looking at old pictures bring back!

  2. What a fun memory and very neat your kids will have the same!


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