Friday, March 11, 2011

{Favorite Things of 2011} Part I:Winter

Prop Blanket::
I've been beefing up my prop closet lately. Especially for my newborn shoots. I'm an on-location photographer, so for the most part, I'm outside shooting around town. BUT...during the Winter months, I do a lot of sessions (small children & newborns)  in the client's home. I never wanted to get too much stuff for those, because I'd rather use the client's own blankets and accessories and make their images personal. So, I've just added a few more blankets, fabric backdrops and faux flooring to my mix. This blanket, I just happened across online one day. It was a $90 blanket on sale that day only for $39 + free shipping. Yes, please!! I got mine in the "willow" color, but they have several others. It's so soft, and I love the fringe style and texture. I think it is going to look amazing with a sweet little newborn curled up on it!! I might be trying it out this week. One of my clients just had her baby a few weeks early. 

Tostitos Artisan::
Umm...I always have at least one food item on my list! I discovered these a few months ago. They were a must during all those football games we watched. Gosh, I miss football!! There's not much else to say. If you haven't tried them, you must! The Fire-Roasted Chipotle is my favorite, but there's at least one or two more flavors.

Apricot Brandy tea from CHC::
I have just become re-addicted to this! If you've been reading my blog for long, you know that I gave up soda for Lent in 1999 (freshman year @ K-State), and never looked back! I do occasionally have Sierra Mist, but really not often. All that sugar just gives me a headache. So, in '99 my drink of choice became iced tea. That was until my horrid first trimester of pregnancy with Barrett. After that I lost all love for tea. I just recently started drinking it again. Well, I can't even say that. I don't make it at home, don't order it at restaurants. ONLY from College Hill Coffee! The Apricot Brandy tea is lovely. Not sweet, just a hint of flavor. Barrett and I stop by about once a week for a morning treat! When I worked at the Art Center before Barrett was born, I'd have this almost every day from CHC!

Key Carabiner::
This is a little random, but I do love having my carabiner :) I stole if from my hubby to use when I was on photo shoots. I was so afraid I was going to lose my keys or lock them in my car. I would show up to a shoot, and get so busy talking, shooting, and changing out the time I was done, I never knew where I'd put my keys. Now, I just clip them onto a tab on the side of my camera bag! It's also nice to clip them onto the handles of my purse. I never have to dig in my purse for them! So handy!

Black Rasberry Vanilla Scentsy::
My new favorite scent from Scentsy! Not much to say...I just love it! Have it in my burner in the bedroom and a car tin in my jeep. Makes me happy!

Buddy Fruits::
I guess this is really one of Barrett's favorite things. I buy them at Walmart in the refrigerated produce section. They are 88 cents each. It's like a little packet of applesauce kids can suck out of the top spout. I love it because it's pure blended fruit; 100% natural, no sugar added. No preservatives, no colorings, no additives, no fat, no genetic modification, no water added, no dairy or gluten, nothing artificial ! 1 pouch=1 serving of fruit. They are easy to take on the go, and are re-sealable. They come in several different flavors. Barrett's favorite is the Apple & Banana. This company also has new fruit snacks. Also found in the produce section.

I've talked about it before. I still love it! Makes life as a business owner & stay-at-home mom so much simpler! No work for me...just hit print, go to the store, and the meals are EASY to make and yummy! We've had so many new things, we would have never tried otherwise. I had red beans and rice with kielbasa sausage for the first time this week! You can check out sample menus and more on their website: E-MEALZ Easy Meals for Busy and Frugal Families


Professional Photographer Monthly::

It's been awhile since I subscribed to anything I really looked forward to getting in the mail. I've been getting this since July, and I love it! So many inspiring ideas, gear reviews, and educational articles. If you're a photog, you should get yourself a subscription!!

Barrett's Library Books::

This might be my favorite thing of all on the list!! I love everything about these books. Going to the library with my little guy to check them out. We've been going to Wednesday morning storytime since he was around 1 year. He just graduated to the next age up 3-5 year olds. My big boy can now help me look through the shelves, and love to find the books he wants to check-out. Of course, they are usually about trucks, trains, and dinosaurs! While we have the books, we read them hundreds of times over! So many times, that Barrett memorizes every word of them. It's so cute to listen to him read them to us! It amazes me how intently he listens each time we read them. I have some videos of him reading, I'll have to share. I'm a proud mama!

Ottoman Tray::

AND FINALLY...I got a new tray for my ottoman! Thanks to my hubby for breaking my last one in a game of living room basketball with my son. Barrett and I took a little shopping trip last week, and found this one at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Also where my last one was found. They had some just like my last one (a plastic tray) in new colors, but I liked this wicker one with sides. It was in the seasonal section at the front of the store for $14.99. Then we found this placemat in in some earthy/me colors to fit right inside. Great for's laminated vinyl with foam backing. It working great, and I love that I'll be able to change it up every once in a while, just by switching out the placemat! Look at this fun mother of pearl one! Very cool!!

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  1. I love it when do you these blogs! We liek pouches at our house too! All 3 of mine will still eat them! You should check out Plum Organics and Happy Baby/Tot. They makes pouches that are fruit AND veggies. I can't say no when they want to have a pouch of pears peas and spinach for a snack! :)


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