Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 Staycation {day one}

Staycation (stay-cation): a period of time in which an individual or family stays and relaxes at home, or vacations in their own country, possibly taking day trips to area attractions.

In May, our family spent a long weekend together in Kansas City, at Brian and Sarah's new house! We called it our "staycation" since we just hung out around the house, and ventured to a few fun places around the KC area.  Brian and Sarah planned lots of fun trips, and Barrett especially liked the train restaurant, dinosaur restaurant, and Kaleidoscope! I didn't really care what all we did, I was just happy to have my WHOLE family together!

We got to stay in Emma Jean's room for the weekend. 
How sweet that she gave Justin and I our own drawer in her dresser!
It was marked with this tag when we arrived Thursday night :)
"Lala and Wheat's drawr"

On FRIDAY, we  slept-in and hung out around the house in the morning. Lauren and Barrett had a ball playing together. Brian had to work half a day, and Emma went to school for half a day. Before lunch, we got to go pick up Emma from her school, and see her classroom! Then we all met back up at the house and headed to lunch at Fritz's

Barrett's FIRST bag of cotton candy!!

This picture, we took for Justin's mom ---->
she has three dachshunds!!

After lunch at Fritz's, we stopped at a few stores in Crown Center, then headed to Kaleidoscope! This was my first time at Kaleidoscope, and it was so much fun (for the kids AND the adults)!!

We went to one of the Family Art Sessions. They are 40-minutes sessions for children of all ages. You explore and create with your own family, at your own pace. Barrett favorite activities inside Kaleidoscope were the tunnel with drums and music, the glow in the dark painting, and the puzzle making station, where he got to paint and cut his own puzzle.

We left Kaleidoscope and went to tour a few model homes! It's always fun to dream...
My mom and dad sold their hot tub, so my dad and I think it would be fun to do something like THIS on their covered bedroom patio!

After our eventful afternoon, we were all exhausted!
We went home for a couple hours of rest before our dinner reservations at a family favorite...Cinzetti's! Yum-o!!
I think they ate too much!!

Crepes...Justin's favorite Cinzetti treat!!

That's all for day one of the Tuttle family Staycation!


  1. WOW!!! So much fun!!! That bathroom, awesome! Love the door mat. ;)

  2. Love the idea of a staycation. How fun for the kids too. Or like you we have one son. Fun! Thanks for sharing. I see the Princess Di exhibit is there now it was here in GR, MI in Feb.


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