Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day 2011
{thanks to my Mother's Day gift...the Bloggie camera...I have pictures to share}

We let Justin open his gifts on Saturday evening.
The surprise we'd gotten for him hadn't come yet, so we wrapped up a picture of that surprise!

After gifts, we headed to Wichita for Father's Day dinner out at PF Chang.
It's one of Justin's favorite places, and it was Barrett's first time there.
He loved eating with chopsticks. We might have to use them at every meal, he ate so well!

Feeding the ducks and catfish while we waited for our table

After dinner, we headed straight back home, because the weather wasn't looking too great. We decided to take cover in a car wash stall in Augusta, because they were forecasting ping pong ball sized hail South of August (i.e. our route). Then we decided we might as well head to DQ while we were stranded. So, at 10:15pm on a Saturday night, Barrett was awake eating ice cream! AND he had not had a nap that day! We had been at Josh's wedding (Justin's best friend). To keep Barrett quiet during the ceremony, I fed him about eight Starbursts. Then at the reception, while waiting for cake, he ate about five Hershey Kisses out of the favor bags! Jeepers!! I have no idea how he didn't have a meltdown that day!


On Sunday, we woke up to a little visitor in our bed. Not sure what time he snuck in there, but he was upside-down when we both got up.

We had brunch with my parents and enjoyed some time by the pool.
Barrett is becoming quite the little fish!

That evening, we had dinner with Justin's family!
THEN...we took Barrett out for a quick little photo session!
More to come on that soon =)

On Monday, Justin's Father's Day present finally arrived!!
Better late than never....

An iPad2!
This is keep him happy in the evenings when I'm working on the MacBook and he wants to browse the web!

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  1. what the crap. I want an ipad, jealous.

    Uncle Bobby


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