Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Green Apple Sno Cone

A couple weeks ago, we took Barrett on his first trip to the local Sno Shack!
I hadn't had a sno-cone in for-ever, and had been wanting to go.

You should know that I am a bit of a sno-cone snob...Okay, not really.
BUT in the early 90's, when I worked at my family's Mini Golf, I made lots and lots of Hawaiian Shaved Ice!

So, anytime I have a sno-cone OR shaved ice (different things), it takes me back!
You know...the good 'ol days at the Mini Golf where I spent Summer after Summer, and met the love of my life!

I think you can tell from the photos below that Barrett very much enjoyed his first trip to the Sno Shack!

I don't even remember what flavor I ended up with, but it was pretty! Orange & Guava, maybe?!?
Justin and I were a little overwhelmed with the hundreds of flavor combinations! =)

I LOVE all of the Summer activities and traditions we get to do as a family!
Looking forward to our next trip to the Sno Shack! This post has me craving one NOW!!

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