Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourth of July weekend

I'm back in a blogging funk!
So many pictures, and so far behind posting them.
Coming soon: girls weekend (from June), Barrett's wacky water class, Barrett's first movie theater movie

We had a great Fourth of July weekend with family and friends.
Justin was on-call for the holiday weekend, so we just stayed in Winfield.

Saturday night, we went out to grandma and grandpa's for some water balloon tossing and desserts.
I didn't get too many pictures. 

Sunday afternoon we met Barrett's friends (Norah Kate, Lydia and Kennedy) and their mommies at the pool. Sorry, no pictures ;( We had to clear the pool only about 45 minutes after we got there because a storm was headed in. 

Sunday night, we went to dinner at Montana Mike's and then took Barrett to the fireworks stand. He was SO excited to pick out fireworks. Then we went to Gigi and Papa to shoot them off! Since the storm had come through around 4:30pm, it really cooled things off. It was the perfect evening to be outside. Barrett's favorite was the smoke balls and sparklers.

On Monday it was HOT again, so we swam and had a cook out with Gigi and Papa. I was sad (as always) not having my brothers here. Hopefully next Fourth we can be together. Monday evening we celebrated at the Wolf's house with a BBQ and some small fireworks for the kids. 

Some pictures from that evening...
(I only had my Bloggie camera, so they're not the best)

Yes, they both did a lot of this...covering their ears! EVEN when it was just smoke balls ;)

After dinner, we headed to the fairgrounds/Pecan Grove, to watch the Winfield fireworks show! For years and years and years, Megan's parents and many of their friends have gathered to watch the fireworks together. They also always bring along homemade ice cream and desserts. They set it all up in the back of the suburban and we dig in! Barrett seems to enjoy this tradition already. 

They fired off some really LOUD cannons or something in the grandstands prior to the fireworks show starting, and it scared the living daylights out of Barrett. He's usually not afraid of the fireworks, but this made him burst into tears...every. single. time! and they fired them off three separate times! The second time he was in the middle of eating a cupcake, and the cupcake flew out of his hands and upside down into the grass in front of his chair. After that, he sat on Daddy's lap! Baby Cal on the other hand (seen sleeping in his carseat in the photo above), slept through ALL three super loud cannon firing rounds! 

It was a great Fourth of July!!!

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