Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh, to be three again....

I (very) often wish I was three again!
With nothing to worry about but if mom will let me wear my Lightning McQueen shirt again today, 
eat cookies for breakfast, and run through the sprinklers shirtless tonight!

Ahhh....those were the days!

Justin spent almost every evening last week getting our sprinkler system back up and working. Even though it's on a irrigation well (aka costs us nothing), we hadn't turned it on yet this summer.  BUT all these 100+ degree days were making our lawn look like poo! So, with the first few waterings of the summer, Justin had some heads to work on. Barrett LOVED running though them as he tested each zone. Then, the day after he got them all working, I mowed the front yard and....mowed right over one of the heads that hadn't gone all the way back down! Oops! Lucky for us my dad had the part we needed, and now it's all fixed. I haven't been allowed to mow the front yard since ;(

And also...we've got some {hopefully} big changes happening for our family soon.

After many years of house hunting, and even thoughts of building, we've found a home we love.
Our house went on the market a couple weeks ago. If all goes as planned, our cottage will sell soon, and the new home will be all OURS! Prayers for a speedy sale, please!

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  1. a new house?! that is exciting! good luck with everything!


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