Monday, February 13, 2012

Crushin' on you...

Happy Valentine's Day 2012
{a sweet photo shoot with my little camera ham, a peek at B's Valentine's treats, and a download for you}

I got this shirt from Etsy, so I could send a few shot to the shop owner.

Then we changed, and did some more...
Barrett always humors me, and goes along with my crazy photo shoots!

If you've ever read tips on "How to get genuine smiles while photographing kids."
I simply tell him "You'd better not laugh...don't do it...don't you laugh."

 It works like a charm. Almost too much. I get a LOT of images like the above!!
He usually even asks, "Mom, aren't you going to tell me not to laugh"?

AND this is my cue that the shoot is O-V-E-R!!

There were a million adorable ideas for Valentine's on Pinterest!
I wanted to be somewhat original, so I tried to put my own spin on a few I found. 

BEAR HUG treats for school and friends

{chocolate teddy grahams, cinnamon gummy bears & pink conversation hearts}

Barrett signed (with a "B") and drew a picture for each of his classmates on these little cards.

Topper is sized at 5" wide by 6" tall (3" tall when folded)
It's made to fit on the tall clear treat bags. I got mine in the party/weddings section at Walmart.
You could also use a baggie that is 5" wide.

Download the jpeg file, and insert it into any 8-1/2x11 document to print
(print two per page)

CRUSH soda for teachers and friends

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine's Day full of LOVE!!!!


  1. Love the pictures...and the treats are fantastic! He's such a cutie!

  2. As usual - super cute idea and you pulled it off fabulously!!! Love these photos AND that adorably ornery grin!! =) Oh, AND the eye roll at the end. hahaha! What a little heart breaker!

  3. Oh my...these pics are so CUTE!! He's getting to be quite the "subject" isn't he?? Take it while you can!! :)


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