Thursday, February 16, 2012

SNOW day!!

Woke up Monday morning to this view out the bedroom window!!
I love it every morning, but it was especially beautiful snow-covered!

Schools were closed for the day!!
Even though I had no sessions scheduled, and Barrett doesn't have school on Monday, it was still FUN to have the "snow day." A great excuse to just stay home all day!

We stayed in our PJ's until lunch. And ran around the house from window to window watching
all the beautiful birds playing in our trees! They were everywhere...vibrant reds and blues.

{I took this one through the window of our dining room}

 After lunch, Barrett cousins came over to play out in the snow!
He was SOO excited!!

They came in for cookies and hot cocoa!

After snacks, Barrett wanted to go back out.
We were all out of our snow clothes and didn't want to head back into the cold, so Mimi suggested bringing the snow inside! Great idea!! Barrett re-filled this bowl with fresh snow four times over then next day and a half! He sat there on that rug in the dining room for hours playing with his cars and toys in the snow! This might not work so well for all children, but my child takes after me. He's very neat with things like that. He never tried to take any of the snow out of the bowl. He's also just never been the ornery, mischievous type...that could still change though :)

It was a fun day!
AND today Barrett ask me "Mom, how do we make it snow again"?

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  1. I love these pictures.. they sure did have fun in the snow. Enjoyed the day with you two.


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