Tuesday, December 11, 2012

28 weeks

Baby is growing and growing...and so am I :)
I was 28 weeks on November 23rd.

Baby is moving more and more every day too! I had my first "scare" on the 30th of November. I had been out to dinner with my girlfriends for our monthly girls night out. I had been home about an hour when I realized I hadn't felt the baby move much, if at all that evening/night. He is definitely most active at night, between 7-10pm. It was around 9:30 when I realized it, so I started trying to poke around on my belly, jiggle my belly, drank a whole glass of water and laid still on my side to wait for him to move. By 11:30, I still hadn't felt him. I texted Megan to ask her when I should start to freak. The great friend she is, she reassured me it was okay,  and Googled some things for me to try. I was just about to call the hospital, when I finally felt him moving! Whew! The next day he was back to his regular active self. I guess he just was really sleepy :) I told Justin he takes after him and Barrett...really hard sleepers!!

On the 24th my friend Megan had me and a few other girls over to announce that they were having another BO. They have one girl and one boy now! So excited!! Barrett and Norah Kate were born about a month apart, and now our boys will be about 2 months apart. 

 She had a pull-string pinata, and this is what fell out :)
Then she fed us snacks of: cracker jacks, little smokies (wieners), Mr. Goodbar

28 weeks, 3 days

On the 27th, I turned 33!!!
I started the day off with a trip to CHC with Audra and Megan. They treated me to my favorite Tiger Spice Chai tea and pumpkin bread! When I came home from there, Justin had surprised me by taking the day off work! He'd planned to take me to CHC too :)

We picked Barrett up from school at 11, and headed to Wichita for a day of shopping and eating!
We had lunch at PF Changs!
I got to shop at Hobby Lobby, Target, World Market and the Antique Mall...all my favorite places!
Then we had DQ Blizzards for dinner on the way home. Perfect day!

lettuce wraps at PF Chang's...our favorite!!

Barrett got a new cowboy hat at the antique mall, just like Daddy's!
This wall is in one of the booths there, I thought it was a fun backdrop! I'd like to take it home :)

Justin got me this sled for my birthday at the antique mall. I've ALWAYS wanted a wooden sled
on my front porch. It's perfect! It was on sale for $35, and the tag said "really old." Fun =)

28 weeks, 5 days

Busy with work...orders coming in, and finishing up all my 2012 sessions

Uncle Jeff was here for Thanksgiving, Barrett was reading him a race car book

 We put up our Christmas tree and decorations the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
Barrett took this picture of me getting my new tree fluffed! 
We put our old tree up in the entry-way. 

See...I can't bare to get rid of the white pumpkin!
I think it's okay...it's "winter white" right?!?!

Barrett had "Math Night" at his school on the 29th.
He got to go to all the classrooms to play different math games. He loved it! We were just about the last to leave! This is one of his favorite activities in Mrs. Mettling's class. 

 29 weeks

Some treats Megan and I made for "Teacher Appreciation" week at Barrett's school.
We handed these out to all the teachers. 

 On December 4th (29 weeks, 4 days) I had to go to the hospital to take the 3-hour glucose test.
I had failed the 1hr test at my regular dr's appointment the day after my birthday. I blame it on the bad eating I did for my birthday :) It was a long morning at the hospital, but I passed! Thank goodness!!


  1. Ok, where did you get your tan suede boots with the buckle on top in the 29 week pic? I have book looking for something exactly like that! You are looking fab!

  2. *been looking. I can't stand autocorrect sometimes!


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