Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our FIRST Thanksgiving

This year, we hosted our first Thanksgiving!!
I have been waiting to do this for so very long. I love to entertain, and I've always wanted to have a dining room with a big table. One I can set for a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner, with family gathered around. We actually hosted TWO dinners this year! 

On Thanksgiving day we hosted my parents and my grandma, Mamo. Barrett was so excited in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. He kept asking "when is our Thanksgiving feast," and "is this for our feast"? He helped Justin put the leaf in the table (that needed some explaining too...he said this isn't a "leaf", those grown on trees), helped me do some cooking in the days before, and LOVED helping with the turkey!! Gigi bought the turkey and brought it over a few days before, so we'd be able to get it prepped and in the oven early on Thanksgiving morning. Barrett thought Gigi went out and shot the turkey herself :)

our little naked chef, helping butter the turkey :)

Barrett picked out these fresh flowers at the store. It was all his idea, and what a great one it was!

Justin drew the "M" on my white pumpkin. I love it!!
I still haven't gotten rid of the pumpkin yet, it looks so pretty! 
Mamo didn't believe us that it was a REAL pumpkin! 

Justin did a great job carving the turkey!
The next day, he carved two more AND a spiral ham!

I think the pumpkin pie AND whipped topping was his favorite part!

Barrett was so proud to put his "Thankful turkey" up on the front door to greet our guests.
Thankful for:
Mom & Dad
My Family
My cat and dog friend
(these are the neighbors cats/dogs that he "talks" to through the fence in the evenings)
That no one is sick today
That the leaves are pretty colors

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