Thursday, October 16, 2008

BIG boy bath!!

Last night was Barrett's first time in the BIG BOY bathtub...and he LOVED every minute of it! Last weekend Justin got out his turtle scoop, filled it with all of the accumulating bath toys, and hung it up on the tub wall. Barrett loved bath time in the sink, but he really had a ball in the big tub. Since our house is so "cozy"... {a.k.a. small/tiny/itty bitty}...we only have a half-tub. It's the perfect size for baby baths though. We don't have to use as much water and the little mister can't get away from us as easily :) After the bath was over, he did not want to get out! I was trying to lotion him up and put his diaper on, across the hall in his room (see...that's me in the picture below sitting on the floor in his room, poking my head around the corner, saying come back in here Mister B). Justin was in the bathroom cleaning up, and Barrett escaped from me-bare bum, and headed for the bathroom.
We thought he was so cute standing up to the drawers, we took a few pictures. That's when we heard a little *tinkle* hitting the bathroom rug. We both just cracked up!! All Justin had to say was "Yea, you peed standing up!" We of course took a picture of his little pee puddle...but I'll save him the embarrassment when he's 16 and not post it!


  1. How CUTE is he in the bathtub?!! Oh my goodness! Your strategic placement of the little blue star made me laugh!!

    Looks like you guys are enjoying every stage of the little guy!!

  2. I too laughed at the blue star. Can't wait for some Barrett loving on Sunday! And some QT with Laura & Justin :)


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