Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Get your motor runnin'

Barrett was in the community Spooks Parade tonight,
dressed up as a little Biker Baby!

Thanks to my talented siblings for his costume: My little brother, Brandon, designed his Outlaw Baby shirt. And my sister-in-law, Kim, made his leather wrist cuff. I ordered some black, white & red baby legs off of Etsy for him to wear on Oct 2nd, but they never made it!! The costume is simple. All things he can wear again. And it made getting in and out of the carseat pretty painless. I'll get a little more creative next year, when he can walk! My husband already has plans for him to be Aaron Rodgers, but we'll see!

There were hundreds of kids at the parade, and the weather was perfect for it. We met up with Barrett's cousins Kylie (Dr. Kylie) and Emily (Vampire Emily), and Norah Kate (Strawberry) and Lydia (K-State Cheerleader).

We all walked in the parade together, then had a little picture session afterwards. They served hot chocolate, annouced the winners and handed out goodies bags. Justin and I were really looking forward to the goodie bag {te,he}. It was pretty good--can of coke, lots of candy, chips, frosty coupon, Sonic drink coupon and more.Lydia, Barrett & Norah

Lydia & Barrett waiting for the parade to start

Dr. Kylie and Norah Kate
Barrett with Gigi & Papa

Friday, we get dressed up again, and head out trick-or-treating!
To get candy for Mommy and Daddy, of course :)


  1. Oh my goodness, how fun!! That is definitely one of the things I miss about Winfield! The kids looks so cute!

  2. what a neat idea! i love his 'hawk!! :)

  3. Love the costume and I hope Barrett has a great first Halloween and the same for Norah and Lydia.


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