Monday, October 6, 2008

October in the Ozarks

I'm getting excited for our annual Anniversary trip! Last November we bought a vacation package for a three-night stay at our choice of over ten different locations. At the time we bought it, we thought the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee sounded like fun...but we've decided to take Barrett with us for our first family vacation, and driving to Tennessee didn't sound like fun for any of us :) So, we're heading back to good 'ol Branson, Missouri! This is just fine with me, because I love Branson in the Fall--the Ozark foliage, shopping & shows! We take a trip together every year for our anniversary, and this will actually be our 3rd time out of six years to spend it in Branson. For our 1st Anniversary, we stayed at Chateau on the Lake. Last year, for our 5th, we stayed at The Raddison. If you're planning a trip to the Ozarks, I would recommend either of these places!

So for THIS YEAR...the package we bought gives us three nights at the Big Cedar Lodge!!!

If you've been here or have heard of it, you'll understand why I'm excited. It's so beautiful, and we've been wanting to stay here for a long time! Here are a few pictures of the resort from their website. I can't wait to get some of my own pictures later this month!
Now, I'm counting down the days!!!


  1. This is me being extremely jealous!! How fun does a weekend in the Ozarks sound?! Be sure to take lots of pictures!!

  2. Yeah pretty sure if you were going anywhere in TN it better be to see me! I am staying at the Chateau on the Lake in a few weeks :) When are you going? I will be there Oct. 17-19.

  3. How beauty-ess! I hope you have a wonderful mini vacation. :)

  4. Branson is so beautiful in the fall. I love all the colors of the trees and the weather is usually wonderful. I live in Texas, and we don't really have a fall, so I'm excited to get to Branson this year. Your pictures are so beautiful!


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