Thursday, October 30, 2008

falling leaves & candy corn...

Oh, they are so beautiful! This is absolutely my favorite time of year!!! I feel like I've taken a million pictures in the last couples months (and I very well might have), but it's FALL and I have a beautiful BABY to photograph!

You might remember from my Anniversary post that the guests at our wedding threw real fall leaves at us as we left the church. They were the most gorgeous bright red, leathery leaves! They came from a tree just down the street from my sister-in-law's house. They happened to be changing and falling just days before our wedding, so Kim went down and gathered up a big 'ol bag of them for us. We had them out in a big basket so guests could grab a handful as they went out the courtyard to wait for the new Mr & Mrs!

Just a few days ago, Kim told me the leaves were falling from the tree! So, after the girls got home from school one afternoon, Barrett and I drove over and we had a little photo shoot! It was so fun. All of these pictures are from my dinky camera...Kim's all turned out a little better.

I know his head is cut off in this picture, but I love the expression!
Can't you just feel his excitement!

There's also another tree (the opposite way down the street) that is bright yellow, so we went down there too! Barrett was a trooper, as always. I think he's getting used to having Kim and I in his face snapping away, while Kylie and Emily dance around trying to make him smile!

This is when Emily decided to bury him in leaves...
He was okay with it for a bit, then started to get a worried look on his face,
so I dug him out!

I just put Barrett down for a nap and made a *fall treat* to take with us to the football game tonight! I have never liked candy corn...or at least, I thought I didn't! But one of my best friends, Megan, makes this yummy snack every fall. She makes some of the best things!! Just ask my husband...he's always raving about something she makes, or saying "why don't you make that thing Megan makes"? This year, I decided to give it a try and I couldn't stop eating it! I'm sure you've all had it! I don't know if it has a name, but I call it Payday mix!

Nothing but peanuts and candy corn. I like to eat two peanuts and one piece of candy corn at a time...yummo! Tastes just like a bite of Payday! Mmm...are you all craving it yet?!?!


  1. Great Fall pictures. I think I need some Payday mix now.

  2. Yum! You are sitting by us at the game right?? We did have fun in those leaves didn't we? love ya

  3. Hey! I make that all the time! We call it payday mix too! And that's exactly my ratio!! Crazy! I've already made some and it's GONE!

  4. What adorable pictures!! He is too, too cute! I'm going to have to try the Payday mix, it looks yummy!
    Have a fun Halloween with your cutie pie!

  5. I sat down to comment yesterday, but my wild child who is experiencing the terrible two's had other ideas! So here I am now...while she is pestering her brother!!

    Can I just tell you how jealous I am? I mean, I am really, really, really jealous of the fabulous weather and the beautiful leaves you have! I can just envision the photo shoots with all those bright leaves. We have nothing like that here...palm fronds don't change color and fall!! They are always green!!

    You got some great shots of the little man!! He is too cute!! Looks like you guys have been having fun with him this Halloween season!!

    We eat candy corn and peanuts too! I blogged about it awhile back! YUMMY!!! It is the only way Chris will eat candy is too sweet for him otherwise!

    Okay...that child I mentioned before has now dropped a ball over the stairway rail...thank goodness she didn't break anything. I hope I survive her...

  6. I love fall leaves pictures! I even had one of my senior pictures in a tree of beautiful leaves.

    I love payday mix. I eat it until I get a tummy ache!

  7. Love the leaf throwing idea at your wedding. So fun and creative - especially for someone who loves Fall as much as you. :-) And Barrett is such a little trooper. I especially loved the photo where he was practically buried in leaves. :-) Also, now I'm craving peanuts and and candy corn! And all I have is $28 worth of jolly ranchers, suckers, and sweet tarts. Darn. Happy Halloween!!!

  8. WOW!! What beautiful tree leaves!!! Unbelievable!! The weather was just right this year for all the colors to come out!! As I'm sure you know, that doesn't happen every year!!

  9. I love those leaves! So colorful! We're pretty much out of leaves in Wisconsin :-(


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